Friday, April 13, 2007

Bead & Baubles

BEAD BOX BEADS!! Do you see? There are BEAD BOX BEADS!! I tried sending out an email update but was getting an error message from Yahoo. So, here is your notice!! Go check them out. They are all beached themed. I love these colors. I was inspired to use them by one of the gals at book club Wednesday night. Right now Chris is sipping wine on the deck of a sail boat in the Virgin Islands!! How soiled is she? LOL! She deserves it though and I hope she has a blast. Anyway... the thought of cool coastal waters and lovely sandy beaches gave me the ideas for these new beads. And honestly I love them all!! I could have kept and come up with designs with every set. I love the cubes with the silver mesh... the raku colors are incredible (thanks to the new torch) and discs were awesome!! So hurry, go check them out and grab a set!!

I told y'all I was working on a few new things, and I DID!! this new piece is called "Rolling". Are you getting a bt of a "rocker" vibe from this? I am... and I LOVE IT!! I wore it to book club the other night and the girls flipped for it. It was a huge hit. These are half inch black rings rolled in raku frit that are interlocked with handmade (by me) sterling silver wire rings. I patinaed the piece with liver of sulfer and then buffed the high spots. Edgey, rustic and sophisticated, that is what I think!! I already started making the rings to make a similar one to this with transparent etched beach colors... yummy!!

Remember a few weeks back when I said I was going to start keeping at least one set of Bead Box Beads for myself to make things? Well, I am sticking to it!! Do you remember me bracelets "Crisp" & "Rusted" from last summer and fall? Well, now we have "Coastal" to add to the group. Those "Beach Ovals" that are available in the Bead Box were my favorites, so when I was working yesterday, I made a lentil version with this bracelet in mind. The raku discs I made to accent it are sooooo cool. You are just gonna have to drool over them in person, the layers of color are outta this world!!

I have more beads done and designs I am working on. Plus I have 3 tutorials that need writting. I got word from Bead&Button the other day that they have accepted my "Hip To Be Square" tutorial and it is slated for the Dec 2007 issue. (That can change though, I'll keep ya posted!)So, I shouls have lots of pics and things to share. I'll make my eye open for some more inspiration to keep the Bead Box Beads coming too. Busy busy!!

On a more personal note... I had to take a trip to the doctor's today. I woke up this morning with my head spinning as if I had just drank 5 margaritas. I was grabbing the walls in order to walk down the hall and it wasn't long before motion sickness set in and I was throwing up (ew gross!). Anyway... come to find out, I have Vertigo. Nothing serious, and easily treatable with medication (meds that I can't take cause they make you extrememly sleepy... no sleeping with 3 kids running around!). It is dinner time now and I am feeling alright. Definitely better then this morning, but still dizzy and woozy. I am gonna stay away from the torch for a few days till I am sure it is gone. (It'll be something that always comes and goes.) I don't want to have the spins while spinning a mandrel in front of a 2000 degree flame, lol!! But that just means I'll work on all those other things I mentioned before. Anyone else have Vertigo? Do ya have any "home" remedies for me that won't knock me out? I would love to hear it!!

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