Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mini Mom Vacation

I am on a retreat, with myself for the next few days!! Where am I? Just at home. Really, a retreat at home. My Mom has commandeered my kids until Friday, so it is just me, myself and I until then. Okay, Ron is here to in the evenings, lol, but he isn't part of the retreat.

My time started yesterday afternoon. I tried making beads but after two nights of less then 3 hours of sleep thanks to sick kids, I was just too tired. I did make an effort for an hour and wasted a lotta glass, lol. So, I turned everything off and took a nap instead. Then this morning, after a solid 10 hours of sleep, I have been torching away!! I also started another new necklace design. I have the kiln filled to capacity right now with all my large hole mandrels and new Bead Box beads. So, I am taking a break for lunch. I am gonna get a shower then just relax for the afternoon while the kiln is doing it's thing. Then I'll be back out there all day tomorrow. If everything goes according to plan, I should have some fabulous new beads to offer Friday or Saturday.

In other news, I have a new addiction. I can't stop browsing all the shops on Etsy!! Here are a few I have bought from in the last couple weeks.

First - "BlackBags" - found this one a few weeks back at I love the fabrics she uses and they are fantastic quality!! I had to have the Retro Spotted one, you all know me and my addiction with retro spots.

Second - "lotuswraps" - from time to time I just need to embrace my bohemian self and indulge in a silk wrapped skirt. I got a sweet purple, green and gold wrap coming from them!! And on their website they show how you can wear the skirt 15 different ways.

Third - "TallGiraffe" - another skirt I had to have!! And this artist is just awesome to work with. She had a green skirt with polka dot trim that sold and I asked if she would consider making another one. SHE DID!! And not only did she spend 3 hours driving around to find the perfect fabric for me, she custom sized it and she had it in the mail in less then 3 days. She is awesome!!

Finally (my very favorite) - "Pinwheel" - I could spend hours looking at this artist's work. Click on it and you'll see what I mean. Everything she does is so bold and graphic. I love her vision and style. I know I will be using several of these pieces for inspiration on new bead designs. Can't you just see my style beads and her style paintings hanging out together?!? I got a set of her note cards and that knitted hat pattern.

So, there is something for you all to do today... go hang out on Etsy supporting one-of-a-kind artists. I'll be back tomorrow with lots of beady photos of what is in the kiln today. PLUS tonight is BOOK CLUB!! So I should have all the girls thoughts on "The Mermaid Chair" for you too.

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Lori Greenberg said...

Thank you for the pinwheel link. What great color. Have a great time on your retreat!