Monday, April 23, 2007

Totally Captivated

I have been totally captivated by my torch the past two days. I can't pull myself away!! And you know that, for you, it is a good thing, right? It means I am gonna have loads of new beads for you to fight over!!

Let me tell you the stroy behind the past two days on the torch.... every morning I have a bunch of blogs and websites I love to check out. I like to see what people are up to, and I have a few favorites who's beads just make me drool. Yesterday morning, I knew I wanted to spend the morning torching... and I knew what kinds of beads I was gonna make. Had it all planned out in my head. But before I started working, I did my usual morning routine. I was reading a post by Sarah, at, and by the time I got out to the torch I couldn't get Sarah's beads out of me head!!

Some of you may have seen or even bid on Sarah's beads on eBay. The are just spectacular and utterly inspiring. After attempting to make the beads I "planned" on making durning my torch time, I thought... "screw it, I am gonna make some Sarah beads". I figured it would be the only way to get them out of my head. I love the shapes, long slender tubes. I love the layers, there are SEVERAL. I love the way the glass just flows. I used what I had out on my desk for the other project, I didn't really plan very well. But I was THRILLED when these came out of the kiln. I LOVE them. Major Props to Sarah!!

I am gonna keep these in my personal stash of beads. As I have said before, I won't sell beads I make that use other beadmaker's style/design. Not until I can use the techniques and change the style enough that you can't tell where my ideas came from and they are totally "me". And what is cooking in the kiln today is just that sort of thing. It was the "throwing the plan to the wind" that let my imagination run wild. It was just what I needed and....

What till you see what is in the kiln!! They are more "Art Inspired Art", this time the paintings and collages of Etsy artist, Pinwheel ( Amanda's art is just incredible and the style is very "me". Looking at her stuff can memorize me for hours. SO, I mixed up some Sarah with a load of Pinwheel and I got stuff brewing that I can't wait to see!! And if it turns out as well as I hope, I got loads of ideas lined up with contiue the design into a series. I sent Amanda an email via Etsy to show her one set that is finished and gave her an idea of the direction I was going to go next, and she said she loved it. She is the first "living" artist I have done sets inspired by. I was worried I would be stepping on her toes, but she is good with it. It is so hard to know what is acceptable and what isn't... from what I found, you just gotta ask, or you'll never know.

Last thing... let's get back on track with free beads being drawn on the right day, lol!! Today's winner is Heather H!!! YOO HOOO Heather!! Thanks again for your continued support of my site everyone, I do so totally appreciate it. I love you gals!!

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cindy said...

You know I love these beads!!! They rock!