Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Water Slides

I had a little time last night after dinner (before American Idol) to make beads. I pulled a bunch of rods in a "Seafoam" color pallet intending to work on a new necklace design that had POPPED into my head. But before I knew it, I was pulling twisties and making discs again. Which led to this, "Water Slides". Aren't these colors just perfect for Spring/Summer?

I strung this up this morning after cleaning the beads... then spent my day writing. I love writing, and I so far, I have loved doing tutorials. But for some reason, I have been putting off doing these latest ones. I just needed to sit down and do them. I was hemming and hawwing in my head... should I write an outline, then photograph the steps like I usually do? These tutorials don't need the photographs, so I was telling myself it would be a waste. But then again, could I really write the steps well if I didn't follow my "usual" process. Internal debts with yourself can be such procastination causing things, can't they? LOL! Anyway... they are written, so that is good. I am glad to get that behind me. I will send them off to my personal proof reader (Hi CINDY!) and then get them off to my editor.

Somewhere in there I also snuck in some torch time. Just an hour because I was puppy sitting for my Mom too and I wasn't allowed to leave Penny in her crate for more then an hour. I made the beads I had set out to do last night. I am interested to see how the turn out and if this new idea I have is going to come to life the way I hope it will. I used some new colors from CiM (Creation is Messy), a sweet pea transparent green color and a milky translucent white. (I should so get a job naming colors!!) I think the necklace is gonna need LOTS of beads... and I ran out of mandrels (that is the only hint you get). I'll share pics as soon as it's done!

Are you wondering when I will have new Bead Box Beads? Well, give me some color combo suggestions and I'll get to work...

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Anonymous said...

hello, you're asking for color combination suggestions? i love wild bright orange and fuschia or purple and red! thanks