Sunday, April 08, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Oops... I mean HAPPY EASTER!! We were all a little confused this morning, lol. Check out what we woke up to!! About 3 inches of the fluffy stuff... yeah, really SNOW in almost mid April. And it isn't expected to get out of the 30-40s till next weekend. Can you imagine? I do think we had more snow this morning then we did on Christmas.

Honestly, none of us are feeling very festive around here... we were startled awake at 3am with a "MOOOMMMMMM, I'm gonna puck!" And poor little Andrew has been at it ever since. noone else is showing signs, everyone else feels fine... but the extended everyone else (aka my parents, and Ron's) want to stay that way so Easter Dinner has been cancelled. Ron and I are trying to keep up our spirits though. (Even though we are dog tired.) We are gonna cook dinner anyway, we are sharing some wine and he is kickign back with the Master's golf tournament on the TV. Lauren and Jacob managed to find all the eggs and baskets by 7:30am so they are relishing the chocolate and being lazy still in there pjs.

While Andrew was feeling good from the Mortrin and everyone was watching "Flushed Away", I snuck out and did some experimenting on the torch. I may have a few "focals" for you. I haven't really ever attempted larger single focal beads. I'll let you know how they turn out. In the meantime... go bid on "Quadrangles". The poor little things are feeling selfconscience out there in eBay world, all lonely with no bids. They are fun beads, really they are... they deserve a good home just as much as those other sets :)


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