Sunday, April 15, 2007

Not So Sunny Sunday

Grrrr... it is yucky today!! Here comes another boring weather relate blog update... uck, ick... :P ewww... it is cold and snowy and we might just be waking up to a FOOT of snow!! We all have our fingers crossed that this big 'ol nor'easter hits south of here.

I kept really busy this weekend. I am not spinning anymore, thankfully. But I don't plan on using the torch until tomorrow. The couple days break is good, I think. Yesterday we had friends over for an impromptu dinner get together. But before they came by, I finished this new necklace. It is one I have been slowly building, making a single ring here and there. If you follow my blog, you have seen bits and pieces of it. Now it is done!! It is very FUN!! And I can't think of a thing to call it... I would love to hear naming suggestions. It is a shorted 16.5 inches, lots of my favorite colors.... just can't think of anything clever to call it.

So made a necklace and had people over yesterday... today I painted the boys' room, after having my parents over for breakfast, and then this afternoon I played Lord of the Rings Risk with Ron and Andrew (kicked their butts, hehe). The room had to be done. I hadn't painted it since we moved in SEVEN years ago. The boys grew out of their bright blue room with white and yellow stamped stars ages ago. I kept it simple and painted it a calming taupe. Kinda like a grayish tanish color. Matches their bedding nicely :). I might add a big blue stripe around the middle of the room after the paint has had enough time to cure. Now we are kicking back, gonna relax with some leftovers for dinner and that is about it.

I'll let you know that status of the snow tomorrow, and hopefully have another necklace to show you... gotta keep at it to be ready for those summer shows!!


Nicky said...

Ohh loving the necklaces, how about Going Round, as in "Going Round and Round in circles" ?

Anonymous said...

What about "circles of infinity."

blest said...

Ring Toss?

Sarebear said...

Ring-a-ding-ding Necklace? Sounds fun to me, looks great too . . .