Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Martian Markers & Cosmic Crayons

YOO HOO!! Look at all those beads!! I told you I would have a ton to show you. And I know what you are thinking... your are saying to yourself "those are in a slide show, does that mean they are all on eBay?" YEP it does!! It was perfect timing. eBay had a 20 cent listing day today so I could get them all up and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. But enough complaining about eBay fees... lets chat about the beads!!

There are FIVE auctions in all. Two sets of 9 beads (sprees & nuggets) and 3 tube focals. First up, the bead sets... they are called "Martian Markers" & "Cosmic Crayons". I love both of these sets!! I really do, they are totally "me". I would see these online and want to bid on them. Luckily I made then, and have extras in my personal stash, so I won't need to bid. The first on is based on THIS piece by Amanda Hone. These are the ones I was telling you about yesterday. If I am being completely honest, on their own each bead is kinda weird, but when you group them together they are really cool!! The second set was inspired by THESE art magnets. One thing I think is particularly cool is how the sets are very different, opposites even, (circles & squares) but the colors pull them together and they would totally work together.

The focals just rock. You maybe thinking... "how did she pull those out of the Sarah Hornik style ones... they are NOTHING alike". Well, that is the whole point isn't it. The thing I was inspired by was the shape. Long, lean, slender tubes. Anyone of the three would be really cool as a drop pendant, a focal in a bracelet, or hey, even some miss matched funky heavy earring. Whatever you can come up with!!

While we are on the subject of what you can come up with. I want to add a "Designer Corner" here to my blog. It is a pain in the butt to add to my website, but easy for me to add here. If you have a website with a piece of jewelry using my beads, send me the link!! I will add the link here to my blog. I already have a few that people have sent me recently, so I will work on getting those up and running. Please understand though, I would LOVE to post a link to everyone's site, but I can't. I wouldn't have the room, please, only send me the link if you have jewelry or other items using MY beads. Thanks!!

Sun is shinning... I just bought a big ol' tub of chalk and a hula hoop... time to get outside and play! I hope you'll come back and bid on the auctions when they start later tonight AND go get a bid in on "Mystery" it's ending soon!!

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