Thursday, April 19, 2007

L.O.S. ~ Means Two Things

Who all remembers what L.O.S. stands for? Do you know? I have mentioned it before... today is has TWO meanings!! First LOTS OF SUN!! Yoo HOO.. .I can't tell you how long it has been since be had a beautiful sunny springish day. I spent a couple hours this afternoon just sitting in the sun on our front porch soaking in the rays... and while I was sitting there, I worked on soem jewelry too. So, L.O.S also stands for Liver of Sulfer, the icky smelling stuff I oxidize sterlign wire with.

You can tell just how sunny it was by these photos. I took them on a sheet of copy paper in the sun on the porch. Little, to no, editing required on these kinds of shots, I love 'em. The first piece is "Rocker". It is made with the clear black and teal discs I showed ya last week. I love it, but then again I am bias. I love all three of the necklaces I made so far in this style. I have used up so much 18 gauge wire making these that I am almost out!!

This second piece is my "Mystery" bracelet. I was experimenting with the wire work. Something different. I don't know if I am happy with it or not. I am happy with the beads, I just don't know about the wire work. I mean the wire work is good, I just don't know if I like it... I would love to hear your thoughts. I think the links look a bit like a treble clef (am I spelling that right?) you know, the musical symbol. These were a few of the beads that I made the other day when I made the "Mystery" auction that is on eBay (go bid!). I was up in the air for a while on the beads too, just like I am about these links. But I grew to love them as I am sure I will the bracelet. I do love the mix of pink purple and red on these beads... yummy!!

My time at the torch yesterday was frustrating and very productive, lol. How could it be both? Well, I am trying really hard to get a very specific design on a bead. Very particular... and it is frustrating because I just can't get the vision out of my head and into a bead... but productive because I am learning a lot on the new torch. I think I am getting much more proficiant on in, sort of, lol. I am going to set my ideas to the side for a couple days while I work on beads for you all. let this very particular style stew in my brain a bit longer... in the meantime... I got ideas for you all too!!

Time to wash all this dirt out from under my nails (love dirt under my nails) and get the supper on the table!!

OH... and yep, I forgot, sorry... this week's free beads winner is LISA D!! YOO HOO LISA!! I'll get a fresh batch of freebies loads asap. Thanks so much for the support everyone, I love ya!

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