Sunday, April 01, 2007

Puppies & Poker

How could anyone possibly resist this little face? I would like to introduce you to Penelope, "Penny" for short. She is an 8 week old English Bulldog and she is my Mom's new family member. I don't know if I have told y'all this before but my Mom is a dog breeder of sorts. She has two pure breed basset hounds that she breeds from time to time and now here kennel is growing with this new addition. She had to have three dogs, one for each of my kids to walk when they are over visiting her!! Our house is much too small for a dog, but this cutie has Ron thinking we outta have one. Maybe in a few years when she has some puppies of her own.

We had a great family party yesterday for Lauren and the kids convinced my parents to take them home with them for an overnighter. I have been on jewelry, bead and tutorial writing over load lately, so although I should have seized the quiet time to work, I ended up taking the night off. Ron goes to play poker with friends every couple of Saturdays and I decided to tag along last night. It was just what my stressed out mood needed. I have been wound pretty tight lately so it is great to kick back for once. Ron said I wasn't allowed to play poker with the guys. He was worried that I wouldn't know what I was doing. But he did let me play in a Texas Hold'em tournament that the 6 of them had. And guess who wiped the table with those boys?! YEAH that's right... little miss "you don't know what beats what" kicked butt and won the hole tournament. YAHOO!! I can home with $40 :) And Ron said they didn't let me win, just the opposite, these are the types of guys that would happily take anyone's money if they can.

This morning I was still basking in my quiet time and made some beads. I was able to finish my "Sunrise" necklace and it is currently tumbling in the tumbler getting it's workout. We are going to have an early dinner and watch a movie with the kids tonight. Tomorrow I plan on getting over to the welding supply store to get my new torch up and running finally. I am really excited about it. I have ideas cooking for some new jewelry and some new beads too. Make sure you keep checking in to see my latest.


Lori said...

Had to laugh about the poker game, last time I played I won too.
hope you get your new torch up and runninge

Lori G said...

You go girl. I bet they hated that!