Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hip Hip HOORAY!!

Lots to talk about today!! First a big huge gigantic HIP HIP HOORAY!! for my son, Andrew. He won a hooray award at school today for COOPERATION!! The elementary school, OP, that the kids go to teach important character building skills each month then reward studentst that exhibit those skils most. Awards the boys have brought home in the past have been "Respect & Responsibility", "Friendship" and "Caring & Compasion". I am one proud Momma. Though I have to share a funny story with you. One of these days I will devote a whole blog post just to my Andrew, he has quiet the life story. But to sum things up a bit, he can best be described as a paradox... just last week he was suspended from the bus for two days for writing a swear word on a piece of paper and giving it to a kid that is mean to him. LOL.. .suspended and awarded in the same two weeks... good job Andrew, lol.

Now jewelry thangs... FIRST, I have been forgetting to tell you!! Check out page 37 of the June 2007 issue of Bead&Button Magazine. If you have been with me for a while you might remember this blog post back in January 2006. Well, this is the issue that caused all that excitement last year. My necklace "Silver Lining" is in the "Show Your Work" gallery pages of this issue. You can see it HERE at the B&B website too. The publications date was changed from what they first told me, but that's how it goes. It is so cool to see it there now. Kinda weird too, cause I don't do that style jewelry anymore. It's neat seeing the change, huh?

Now this necklace here... the thing I was hinting at yesterday is the top one. Unfortuantely, it just wasn't living up to my expectations so it got taken apart and reworked this afternoon into this.....

drum roll please.....

Cool huh?!?! I am so much happier with the reworked necklace. I am calling it "Reeling" and it is a sorta handmade chain of beads. It is heavy weight 14 gauge wire scrolling in and out of 5 different sizes of glass rings. I love the process of making jewelry. I get all these ideas popping in and out of my head... I get to try to make them... then watch as they come to life... some turn out better then I expect and some (like this one) don't come close. But that is what I love... the not working leads to even more ideas... plus I get to go back and rework the other one too. I won't give up on the first version... just try again with a different spin.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry!
wonderful jewelry! I love the new bracelets!