Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting Aquainted

I spent a few hours today getting better aquainted with my new torch and we are getting along just swimmingly. I discovered something that I think is going to help with tackle the learning curve I was worried about.... I need to watch the glass and not the torch. I am worring too much about where I am in the flame. But if I watch what the glass is doing and move it till I see colors (molten states) I am used to, it is much easier for me to control. I actually had a pretty successful torch session today once that little idea popped into my head. I even have a new Ebay set cooking in there. (or the start of one anyway, lol) You know, I was much more nervous about the switch then I let on yesterday, but things are looking good.

I did something drastic yesterday. I cut my hair, again. And now it is super duper uber short. Really really short, lol. So short, I have to learn to style it and I won't be sharing a picture until I do, lol. I am in shock today over it. I don't hate it, I just don't recognize myself. I'll get used to it. I think it is rather trendy (even though I don't think short is "in" right now). It'll be fun growing it back out too... there will be loads of style possibilities as it grows too.

So... I think I covered everything I was gonna cover today... new torch going great... new hair really short... yep, that's about it. I am working on that Ebay set... I have 3 tutorials I am working on... and they kids are off school for 10 days starting Friday. I am going to try and come up with some Bead Box Beads... stay tuned.


Cindy said...

Hey Kerry,
Now you have to update your avatar with your new "do"! Can't wait to see your new online image! :-)
~ Cindy

jme said...

congrats on the new torch! i can't believe you have been making all of those beautiful beads on a are awesome!