Thursday, August 31, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming....

Yesterday's day of rest was great and much needed. Actually, much more then I realized. I got my tank refilled and was torching again today by noon. Mom was by again to play with the kids, THANKS MOM! I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. Instead, we went to see Andrew's 2nd grade teacher. He has Mrs. Chelini this year, the same teacher Jacob had when he was in 2nd grade. She is just great, I love her. And she asked me to be Room Mom again. I am happy to help. When Jacob had her 2 yrs ago, it was her first year teaching at Ontario Primary. And she brought something new to the school, plays! In 2004 we put on "Finding Nemo" and she intergraded the class activites to go with the play. Each kid picked a fish and studied it. Then they were that character in the play. I made the sets that year too! Cool underwater scenes painted on blue shower curtain liners. Last year I hear she did Madagascar and she is think of doing Cars this year... should be fun.

So what do you think of the latest jewelry? Top pic is earrings, obviously, lol. Just a few of the ones I have been making lately. I like them. They are nothing fancy or over the top. Just a fun POP of color for your ears. Then the "Acorns" bracelet. Again, simple design but a great look. The beads do all the talking. I love this one... the colors are perfect for Fall!

This one I hemmed and haaaed about for a while. I made these beads on one of those days I just couldn't get in a groove. I like 'em but I just don't think they are "me". But the blue is so lush and I like practicing my dots so I went ahead and made it. I am calling it "Blue China". The silver from Shiana LLC is just beautiful, don't ya think?

Click on any of the images and they will take you to a larger view. It is much easier to see all those earrings when the photo is larger.

These ones are a real favorite! They go with my "At the Playground" necklace. Just plain FUN! Love 'em! As for the rest, I have been picking favorite designs in the color combos I have been workign with then making a pair. Toss in a few disks and a couple sterling spacers and you got a great little dangle.

Today's color combo was Ivory, Dk. Turquoise and Transparent Topaz. But as I said, I didn't get all that much made so I will be sticking with that color combo for tomorrow too. It reminds me of cowboys and denim... gonna have to do it in plaid! Who doesn't love a cowboy in flannel?

See ya tomorrow!


Lori said...

the blue bracelet is my fav
love the color combo on the bead and the silver is fantastic!

Kathy said...

You were right the hits do keep on coming..I really like the blue one and the acorn one is great too.
You really went to town on the earrings also.
What will you come up with tomorrow??? You go girl!!!!!

Kerry said...

Thanks Lori & Kathy!

Looking at the blog I think, WOW I am getting alot done but then this nagging voice in my head is screaming IT'S NOT ENOUGH, IT'S NOT ENOUGH!

By this time next week I will be requesting those tradionaly words of support I ask for before a show. You remember... you have to reassure me that I am good at what I do and people will love it. Because I never believe they do or will.

Kathy said...

I predict you will do really well next weekend Kerry.
Take a deep breath and release it.
If we could all be there we would all be standing right behind you.

Sarebear said...

All I can say is, YUM!!

Beautiful stuff. VERY nice!

Nicky said...

My godness - do you ever sleep ?

The eye candy just keeps on coming !

Chrissie said...

Amazing work Kerry! I am in love with the blue bracelet! The acorn one is very cool, very fall and all of those earrings!! they are so fun and funky! The last pair are fabulous...Don't worry about the show; you'll do great!! I don't want to sound too sappy but you really are an inspiration! I'm with Kathy; we're all right behind you :)