Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cherries & Berries

On a whim today, Ron was in the mood to get some end of the season strawberries. There is a "u-pick" patch a couple miles from us, so we popped in. Pickings were slim but the ones we found were some of the sweetest and juiciest I have ever tasted!! On the drive over to the berry patch, I remembered that a local cider mill had "u-pick" cherries just starting. After we hunted down our couple of quarts of strawberries, we headed over there for some sweet cherries.

I was kicking myself the whole time because I hadn't thought to bring my camera!! It was a quick whim trip, who carries a camera on a spur of the moment outting? Oh do I wish I had that camera!! It was our first ever trip to pick cherries and it was SO much fun. You should have seen us all on our tippie toes reaching for every cherry we could find. Jacob had a red juicey beard around his mouth from stuffing his face. Lauren would shriek and squeal every time she found a low branch that hadn't been picked over.

When we got home, Ron warmed up some chocolate and we dipped a ton of berries and cherries! Oh, and pretzels too for the freak that is Lauren who hates fruit. Crazy girl! The kids had a blast doing that too. They are trying so hard to be on their best behavior. We are bribing them. Oh yeah, we aren't against it. While at that cider mill picking cherries I bought a dozen fried cakes and there ain' t no chance their grubby little paws are coming near them if I have to listen to them fight for one more minute. I swear I will eat everyone of them myself if I have to!!

All in all we ended up with 4 quarts of strawberries, 10 POUNDS of cherries ($1.35 a pound, no bad) and a dozen doughnuts. I can't wait to dig in later. Though I have to say, I have been popping cherries in my mouth left and right all day (no chocolate ones) so I am busting at the cherry lovin' seems.

Before this cherry and berry adventure started, I did spend a few hours on the torch. I have officially used up ALL the strands of silk ribbon I bought at B&B, so I am feeling good there. I have loads of earrings now too. A bunch of necklaces to fill the busts up... and now I need to focus on bracelets!! (Since you all stole them from me last week, lol) If you have any fun color combo ideas for playground bracelet send them to me!! I love the ideas!!

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