Thursday, August 24, 2006

Slave Labor

Who had "Job Jar Days" when they were little? We did all the time. For those of you who don't know what "Job Jar Days" are all about, listen up because they work. And if you have kids, it is a must have boredum diversion tactic. On a "Job Jar Day", the Mom (aka Me) write household jobs on slips of paper and puts them in a jar. Not too many jobs, but not your everyday jobs either. Kids pick jobs one by one until the jar is empty. When all the jobs are done, the kids get a prize!

Today was one of those days around here. Jobs like "wash 6 dirty spots of the wall", "wipe all the door knobs", "line up shoes", "change a pillow case" and "vaccum under the couch cushions" were all in the jar. Jacob, Andrew & Lauren LOVED IT! We are going to a baseball game on Labor Day so the boys were looking for ways to earn spending money. This was the perfect thing. They didn't earn a ton, 25 cents for washing door knobs but it kept everyone entertained most of the morning. Yesterday had been another one of those days where the kids had me grinding my teeth and pulling out my hair. I was determined not to have a repeat of yesterday, so last night I was talking to my Mom and she reminded me about "Job Jar Days" and it worked like a charm. No one was bored and fighting... yoo hoo! As the Mom, you are doing all the jobs right along with them but it doesn't have the dread that normal house work does. For example I was in charge of wringing out the washcloths so Lauren could wipe the cupboard doors. She was saying "Look Mommy there is a spot!" and I would say "Okay, wipe it off!" But money can't be the only reward... when everyone was done we sat down and had a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream too :)

Like I said, yesterday was one of those rotten days that come from being bored and having nothing better to do then hit each other so by the end of the day, I was beat. I thought I would go to bed early but ended up making beads until midnight! I got loads made and a few new pieces of jewelry done too over the past 24 hours.

Check out the latest!

Here are a couple of views of "At The Playground". I told you I had ideas to add beads to one of the twisted wire necklaces! It has taken me weeks though to decide what colors to use. So finally last night I reverted to my old motto "When in doubt, pull ALL the colors out." I made these disks wonky and wobbly on purpose. I wanted a really bright and playful design. Just plan FUN! You have two view because I can't seem to get all the beads in one shot, they are all so different and unique... you got see them all!

This one is a work in progress... when this is complete it will be a "Fall Flings" necklace or bracelet depending on when I run out of beads, lol. Don't you just love the reds and oranges? I do! I can see this with a warm red v-neck sweater or a maybe a coral orange tank top in the summer.

Now this one I need help with... I can't think of a good name! HELP! Obviously these are from the "Fall Walk" sets that I had for you guys last week. I love the colors and the necklace is so shiny in person. It sparkles and I can't help but run my fingers over the soft matte finish of the etched bead. Goodness, I love this necklace! Send me your name recommendations!

I still have loads more beads in my bowl to work into more jewelry. And I will be torching again tonight after a birthday dinner with my Mother-in-law. I am starting to think I have a good chunk of the necklaces I need to fill my display time to switch gears and work on bracelets and beads for brangles/neckwires. I, naturally, share the results!


Cindy said...

I love all of your new pieces - such originality, but the last one - WOW. This one is so amazing!!! I love it, love it, love it! I absolutely love the swirly links and all of the colors. I'll be thinking of a name too...
~ Cindy

Kerry said...

Thanks Cindy! I can't wait to hear your suggestion.

If you look close, the beads are very simple and the swirls are very simple but together they don't look simple do they? I love this one too.


Sarebear said...

Autumn Breeze.

The swirls remind of a breath of wind, that starts to bring a hint of the scent and feel of autumn.

Chrissie said...

Sarebear keeps coming up with the best names! Autumn Breeze sounds perfect to me...And I agree with Cindy, the new pieces are fabulous!!! The Fall Fling colors are spectacular!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the memories, that "Job Jar Day" was, and to the "old and new". The "old" dog named Nanna who welcome home Jacob, our litte (Nanu) Andrew who had "BIG" brown eye like you, to the "NEVER" ending tea parties that you have made so dear to Lauren. And to all the new memories yet to come! "THANK YOU...

Kerry said...

Mom? is that you? would you quit being such a sap, lol!?!

Sarebear - I like "Autumn Breeze"! You come up with the best names when I can't think of any!

Fall Flings turned out to be a necklace... I am sstill waiting for a new wireless router. So I haven't updated the website yet. I will get to it soon.

Sarebear said...

I've been told I'm good at naming things, creations, etc.

I don't really think so, but I like to think em up.

I am glad you like it!