Friday, January 19, 2007

Ice Cubes

Here is the link to the new auction... "ICE CUBES"
Remember, the link won't work until the auction starts at 9:15pm my time 6:15pm PST!

I got new beads, yes sir-e I do! I managed to squeak this new set "Ice Cubes" out last night. A little before dinner, a little after dinner. I had been dreaming of an encased set of cubes for a while now, so there wasn't a whole lot of hemming and hawing... they almost made themselves!

I think they are so appropiate for the recent Ice Event of 2007. All the beads have a bit of encasing just like all that ice that encased everything all week. Kind of a fun way to celebrate the ice don't ya think? I pulled out all the same colors as my recent "Cubism" set, but left the transparents out and tossed in a little EDP. What's EDP you ask? Well, for those of you not familiar with glass... it is "Evil Dark Purple". The rod looks like lovely shade of pinky purple fuschia... then you get it in the flame and it acts like to rolled it in baking soda. It is very hard to control. So, I just let it do it's own thing and I like how it turned out. I think it gives the beads great texture and personality. I also like how I used the same colors as before but this time these feel much more pastely. Almost springy...

There is a funny story to go with these beads... most everyone knows by now that my glass studio space is in my garage. Now in winter we have been known to have a mouse or two living in the garage... can you tell where this is going? Well, my first hour at the torch before dinner was fine, quiet, uneventful. But when I went back out to finish my set, Bity Kitty can out in the garage with me. I noticed she went right to the corner by the back garage door. Ron has a bunch of golf bags lined up in that corner with play clubs for the kids. It is just a few feet from my desk. I was thinking, that's weird, what is she doing in the corner? So I just as I was getting settled and I am just about to touch the coral orange rod to my mandrel when what do I see out of the corner of my eye?... Bity leaping up on top of the golf bag after a BIG HUGE MOUSE running up the bag strap, across the head of a club, and down inside the bag. OMG!! Did I start screaming like a little girl?! YES I DID!! I totally freaked out. I know, it is a completely irrational fear... I am like 100 times the size of that mouse. But dang if I didn't almost pee my pants! LOL! The rest of the time at the torch I kept thinking I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. And anytime I moved my foot, I jumped thinking the tie of my slippers was a tail, lol. Bity stayed on gaurd for me. If we get a warm night anytime soon, I will leave her locked in the garage to "take care of the situation", lol.

I'll pop back in with the link to this new auction later tonight when it starts!

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