Friday, May 09, 2008

Every Year On This Day

It is that day again... our anniversary! When my eyes opened this morning, after getting a whiff of his smelly breath for the gazillionth morning in a row, I was thinking about which picture I should share here on the blog. I have a few favorites that I have shared already, so it was time to dig deep in the (already packed for the move) archives. Here we are circa 1995, lol. Look how young and cute we are!! I think Ron's eyes are a little buggy because I made him take his glasses off, lol. Too cute. I was 17 and he a cradle robbing 25. Doesn't seem so bad now that we are 30 and 38. LOL. Anyway, the kiddos are off to a sleep over and we are going to enjoy a quite dinner and movie. I can't wait!


In other news... I reworked yesterday's new lariat design a bit and found a GREAT way to use that 10g wire I mentioned last week. I soldered this big ring of 10g then wrapped it in colored wire. It looks too cool. I love it so much more then the solid glass ring.

It also looks great with the ring left bare. Clear hollows are a nightmare to photograph. Thankfully I don't need to get a good shot of this one... it already sold :)


Cindy said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Kerry and Ron!!!! Have a great evening together!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Kerry and Ron!!!
Hope you enjoyed you evening out together.