Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have a quick little sneak peak at one of the beads using the murrini I made yesterday. I love this ring. The murrini reminds me of tumbling beach balls. SO, this will be called the "Tumbling Ring". I made this on that cab mandrel I bought when testing the new Zoozii's Tool. What I find very interesting is that when you put this bead next to the disc bead used in the ring below, they are the same size!!

Another new item... a funky barrel bead with a 1/4in hole that just screamed to be made into a playful pendant. I am calling it "The Monkey Business" necklace!! I am working on conserving chain (remember the Lemonade Stand Of Art), so I had an idea to do a sorta half n' half style chain. I really like how it turned out.

Today is going to be a crazy one. I am taking my Mom to a doctor's appointment... then running back and forth across town for Lauren to go to school... plus baseball for the boys tonight. Just busy, but not too bad. I really hope I can get tot the torch this afternoon... I am feeling the crunch of time. It is just a few weeks until closing on the house, then a few more weeks to the first art show of the summer, and I also signed on for Art Walk at JOOLZ on June 27th. I won't have much of a show if I don't get my back side in gear and start making more stuff!!


ellen said...

I LOVE the "Monkey Business" necklace. Very funky and fun.

Jo said...

That's a great ring bead. I love the colours you've used on the necklace too.