Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Day

I haven't done a "My Day" post is AGES!! I think today is typical of what I have been up to lately... so here is my day... (and I'll keep coming back and updating during the day as I do more stuff.)

6:08am ~ Rolled over, checked the clock since the sun was up... I was too. I started a pot of coffee then climbed back in bed.

I officially got up at 6:39am... I poured my coffee, and read some emails. I answered the few I could before the boys started waking up.

I explained to Jacob that he could not have four eggs for breakfast... more like two eggs and some toast. He decided to have an apple and boycotted the breakfast that was two eggs shy of what he wanted.

I quick checked my favorite blogs while Andrew spilled milk as he poured his bowl of cereal. I found Andrew the "missing" sponge so he could clean his spill. The sponge was right in the sink, imagine that.

I smelled my hubby's freshly shaved cheek before he left for work. Then grabbed the Pledge, Windex and broom.

I made my bed... then sent the boys out for the bus.

Then I started to dust... then I went out and broke up a fight over the scooter and bandaged a bloody elbow and knee. Then decided I needed to stay out till the bus arrived... so the garage got tidied and swept and the chalk was sprayed off the driveway.

Finished dusting, sweeping, windexing, and mopping my room. Then did the same to the boys room and started a load of laundry.

I took time to explain to Lauren that lolly pops are NOT a good breakfast!

Cleaned her room and decided to take a break to blog.... I wonder what will come next... its only 9:30am.

Bathroom's scrubbed... living room, dining room and kitchen too. The dishwashers is washing... the dryer is drying. Lauren has been dressed and we played a quick game of Candyland too. I think I stink and a shower is definitely coming up next. The stairs are vacuumed... oh the studio straightened.

That takes care of the inside of the house. And in case you can't tell... we have another showing of the house this afternoon. Otherwise, the floors and bathroom wouldn't have been scrubbed, lol. I think after my shower, I will be mowing the front lawn before running Lauren to preschool.

I got to snuggle and coo one of the new babies at preschool while waiting for Lauren to go in. Gianna is a two month old little snuggly bear and a dream to hold. I tucked her in her saftey seat and headed back home. Then my afternoon turned chatty!

Ring ring... hello?... I talked to Kelley in VA... I talked with Audrey (Ben learned to smile!)... I talked to Cindy (and got the laundry folded too)... I talked for a quick second to Lindsey (she is borrowing a book) and I just finished up with my Mom too. And man is my ear tired, lol....

Next is one of the more exciting parts of today! Miss Lauren is getting picke dup from school early and we are headed to the "beauty parlor" for her first EVER hair cut. (Yes, I'll have pics!!)

Hair was cut, friends were visited, dinner was made, homework worked on, disappointment was had at American Idol... and then I totally passed out, lol. And that was my day.

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