Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One for Me, One for You

Beady connoisseurs will recognize, right off the bat, that the bead on the left looks a lot like an Amy Johnson Sucker Explosion bead. I love the wild forms in Amy's work, and decided a few months ago that I just had to make myself one of her giant hollows. I wear it all the time, no matter if it matches what I am wearing or not. I just love love love it. Carter Seibels of Divali Glass Jewelry has some cool hollow pendants too.

I have been wondering for a while now how I could take the idea of a single giant hollow focal and make it my own. That's where the beady on the left comes in. I was experimenting with layering giant dots on a hollow and I think I am coming close to where I want to be with the bead design. I still need to work on color (this was just what I happened to have on my desk at the time). I will keep you posted on how they continue to evolve. And you be sure to comment with your thoughts on the idea of a big ol' hollow pendant.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I experimented with making a hollow that day back in November while at JOOLZ . I thought I was hopeless when it came to hollows, and now they have become a staple in so many of my designs. *sigh*... hollows make me so happy. I think I will make more of them today.

Oh, but there will be a wrench in that plan. My poor little Lauren woke at 2:30am with a fever of 102degrees. It is a day in bed with cartoons for her and I am sure she'll need lots of snuggling. She has already called me three times while writing this because she can't reach her cup of water that is on the nightstand next to my bed where she is curled up under the covers. Maybe she'll take a nap and I will get some work done then.


deehebard said...

Kerry...I LOVE those beads...hollows are the coolest. I looove the transparent glass and the fact you can see through them...I want to just crawl right inside those little bubbles...
hey...that is it...I just figured it out...THAT is why I love hollows...they are like of my FAVORITE things.

A FOREVER BUBBLE!!!!! what could be better than that?

Kerry said...

Thanks DeeDee!! If you like those, just wait till you see what is cooking in the kiln right now!!

I have two words for you people... hollows... squares...

Carter said...

Hi Kerry-
Thanks for the link-a-dink!
I love your blog! And your work!

Will you be at Bead and Button?

Kerry said...

Thanks Carter!

Nope, no B&B for me this year. We are closing on a new house on June 13th!!

MsBaubles (AliBaubles) said...

I'm a huge fan of hollows as they look so dainty, but they're really strong.

Love the ones on your page!!!