Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nice Catch

I am not getting much "work" done this week. Between the tea party, doctor's appointments and what not... I just can't seem to get to the torch. Oh well, its not going anywhere... I'll get to it soon.

Isn't that a great photo! I got lucky with my timing at baseball last night. Andrew is having so much fun!! It is really great for him. This tippy toe catch was made during warm ups. Such grace, LOL!! How do kids do that?!? I am very happy to report that the Riverdogs WON 10-4, YOO HOO!!! AND... Andrew had one of those runs. His hit was a double... he stole third... then he stole home!! We were all yooping and hollering. It was great!

In house news... there is still no sale to report. It is been just about a month and no bites. I am not overly concerned but Ron is. It is really starting to stress him out, to say the least. We took the house off the market yesterday and relisted it a couple thousand less. We will see if that gets us some new traffic. I am also looking into the option of renting! We hear there are great tax benefits to renting and it is always good to have assets, right?

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ellen said...

Kerry, I don't know how big your community is but an idea for renting might be the teaching staff in your school system.
I remember the new teachers always talking about trying to find a place to live when they came into our schools.
I'm sure they have a school wide newsletter and might advertise for you.
Just a thought.