Friday, May 16, 2008

More Ring Bling

*sigh*... finally, FINALLY... I think I have made a ring that I am happy with. I haven't come up with a clever name for them yet... and posting them on my website means completely reworking the categories, lol... but oh well.

Okay... a little side note... I have The Today Show on while I am typing this and OMG... NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! What a flash back! I was totally addicted to them when I was around 10 -12 yrs old. I had every tape (oh my stars, TAPES), I saw them in concert, I had tee-shirts and giant buttons, and I was madly in love with Joey McIntyre. I didn't know I could feel "old"... what a wild sensation!! LOL! Dang, I need to get a grip.

Tomorrow is Ron's birthday! My hubby is turning a ripe old 38!! And Sunday is baby Ben's baptism. It is going to be another busy weekend. What is it about the month of May? I feel like a crazy person running all over the place.

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Lisa said...

That is very cool! I love the simplicity. And you have such patience with crafting the ring form...I went the "easy" route with ready-made sterling forms and put the effort into the "frosting" on my cluster rings.