Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Windows

I get little windows of time where the Day Quil kicks in and I can breath for an hour or so. I used one of those windows yesterday to make this new necklace. (And I am using another one right now to post this, LOL.)

This new necklace is called "Spy Game". It is a sneaky little necklace that leads a double life. It can be a mild mannered 38in extra long drama necklace by day... and sometimes it is a attention getting double dose of twice wrapped goodness. There is lots of sterling chain, funky links at varying lengths, and 3 fantastic hollows.

OH, and I meant to tell you, I put three pieces of jewelry still left from last season *ON SALE*, go check them out in my "Knock Out Necklace" category. I think my window is closing and it is time to go back to bed. I feel the faucet that is my nose starting to run more, lol.


ellen said...

Kerry, you're certainly making good use of your "windows." I hope you feel better soon.

deehebard said...

I love this one...even when you are SICK you make beautiful, creative, amazing pieces! ...and it is my favorite colors! Hope you are feeling better...