Friday, May 23, 2008

Holiday Weekends

Finally, after nearly a month of weather barely out of the 40-50s, the weather man is calling for an awesome weekend here in the Greater Rochester Area. You should have seen us all shivering at baseball last night. Imagine the verge of rain, wind, 40degrees and an open field. Yeah, it felt like March, not late May. The forecast for Monday... sunny and 78!! YOO HOOO!!

We have another over booked weekend. Tomorrow, Ron walks the stage to get his Master's degree with a luncheon after, Sunday is the Senior PGA Championship at Oak Hill here in Rochester (Ron's going) and Monday, well, I am sure there will be a picnic involved. PLUS, we lowered the price on the house today too, so it is now at a price that will have it move, in our realtor's words, "surprisingly fast". We have been feeling the crunch with our closing just 3 weeks away and no offer on the house yet.

I want to send a shout out to the ladies that sent me emails yesterday about Beading Daily's latest email!! It looks like they have added my "Berry Wine" bracelet to the downloadable project line up. I should add a list of projects to the side bar so they are more easily accessible.

Which leads me to yesterday's comments... I hope that you WILL try these projects and I hope they spark your creative juices to create your own new pieces. Please send me pictures of what you make with my tutorials, I LOVE SEEING THEM!!

Yesterday's remarks on my part, were kinda generalized. Which I did to embarrass the one particular person they are directed at. I have some pent up emotions about a particular situation and I didn't want to publicly "call out" an individual but rather, let every one know that it isn't right when they take designs that aren't theirs and represent them as their own. It hurts and frustrates me to see it happen. I know things are going to be copied, it is a fact of artistic life. I have to think, every time I post a photo... "am I ready to see this done by some one else?" I have been told by a number of people, "don't post it if you don't want it copied". Sometimes I am so excited to share something I have come up with, that I post before thinking that. Other times, I know a design is so simple and basic that we see it every where (like lariats), so it is my beads that make the piece stand out. Sharing my process and what I make is a huge part of how I work as an artist, I don't want to change that because of the unethical behaviors of a few "bad" people. I think the majority of you who read this blog know me pretty well. You know the kind of person I am. You know how committed I am to making truly unique work. And I think you know that I am not a mean/aggressive/threatening person either. I love this blog. It is my little corner where I get to be exactly who I am, and if I am having a bad day and someone has got under my skin you are going to hear about it. I can't help it. It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to, LOL.

So, I will just say... thanks for stopping by today! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! And lets all hope my cough goes away and my hearing comes back by next week, LOL!

And in the words of Forrest Gump "... that's all I have to say about that."


grandmacarnes said...

It is good to know that you weren't directing comments at me, I always feel guilty, even when I don't do anything!! I love watchign your work. One thing I realized, I can't copy work, it just isn't where I am directed. I try techniques, but never try to copy a bead completely. However, some of the Jim Kervin books have forced me to copy a bead exactly....that's how you learn, but you just don't present it as your own. I am sorry somebody has been doing that to you. I haven't seen the copies, but then I would be able to recognize them as just that. Your work is very unique, when I see it, I know it is yours.

michelle said...

About your Berry Wine piece and Beading Daily. . . I love how beautiful and wearable your work is. You make something sophisticated look easy! What can I say? I'm a fan! :)