Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the mend...

I am not 100% yet, a couple nostrils are still clogged and I have no hearing in my right ear... but I am not feeling as drained of energy as I was earlier this week. As is evident by this cool new work!!

There is this new little shop here in Ontario, NY that a friend of mine is opening. She asked if I would display some of my work to help fill up her lovely glass case. I know my market... and little town Ontario is not the place to be trying to sell my kinda art jewelry. BUT, I thought maybe some of my recycled art pendants might be appreciated by the locals.

I have been trying to come up with a display idea for a week or two now... and suddenly last night it hit me!! ACEOs!! As soon as I woke up this morning, I filled a tissue with weird colored nose contents... grabbed a cup of coffee... and went down to my studio.

Now not only are the pendants made of recycled components, so are their displays!! You just snip the colored wire on the back of the ACEO to take the pendant off, and you are left a very cool mini work of art. Each one is signed, titled and numbered. They were made on bicycle playing cards, which I think is very cool. Why? Because a pack of cards is only about 75cent and it can make 2o or so ACEOs.

Thus far, I have made about 18 new bottle cap pendants and I am up to 6 finished ACEOs. I won't be posting these on my site just yet. I can't tell you how awesome it felt sitting at my desk painting all morning. I really got into a zone. I have a few to put in that new little shop, and I am trying to build up some inventory for the first SHOW of the year coming up in JULY!! I know you might be thinking July is months away, but with the move, Lauren getting her tonsils out, kids finishing school... and just life in general, it will be here before I realize it.

However, if you see one that you absolutely can not go on living without, zing me an email. The cost is going to be $55 each. Don't forget... you'll need a chain to wear the bottle cap pendant on!

I thought I would add something... I was a little apprehensive about sharing these. I think I have a blog stalker that is "borrowing" some of my ideas. I am afraid that I'll be seeing her knocking off these next. I am trying to be okay with the fact that my work is so awesome that everyone wants to be just like me, but sometimes it just plain sucks to have your original works hijacked with someone else getting the credit for ultra awesome-ness. I am not going to change who I am as an artist and start putting my art in a bubble that no one but me gets to see, just to keep it from being violated in these ways. Just beware unethical blog stalkers! I know you are out there, and so do the wonderful people that support me and my work. They are on to you too!! Remember, what goes around, comes around.

eta: I want to add a more visible response to a comment I received about the last bit of this post. The ending of this post was not meant to be harsh or threatening to every day blog readers. I apologize if anyone felt offended. I felt I needed to address the issue of people who come here, sees things they like, and then feel free to copy, claim as their own, then sell my designs. It has been brought to my attention by readers sending me private emails that it has happened in just the past few weeks. I have said on several occasions that I don't mind being copied, what I mind is people not giving credit where it is due. I suggest reading THIS POST, if you haven't already, to get a better idea of the kind of thing I am talking about.

Again, I am sorry if I offened anyone. But I stand by my words. I am going to leave them, and not edit the original post. I want the unethical visitors to know it isn't right what they are doing.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even see the bottle caps at first because I was digging the ACEOs!! They're lovely. I'm so glad I'm your friend and get to see and touch things in person. =) And I'm very glad that you found peace with the stalker issue.

Kerry said...

Thanks L2 :) I will bring them to our get together next week!

MsBaubles (AliBaubles) said...

Kerry your work is very much your own, and I would rather purchase an original piece of you (which I have done), than a second rate copy.

I feel sorry for the person who is stalking, as they obviously lack the imagination to come up with their own original ideas.


Carlene said...

Hi Kerry,
I got the bottle cap earrings I ordered from you and I love them!!! I appreciate that you share your ideas and hate it when people don't have the courtesy to give credit where credit is due!

Anonymous said...

Kerry these are cool! Your work is definitely yours---I don't think others could re-create your personality. I always get that little twinge of excitement when I see your work---because I know immediately it's a Kab's!!! Kim W.

grandmacarnes said...

Sheesh, makes me nervous to come here and look. I love to look at your stuff, but not if it makes you nervous to post it. I wouldn't try to copy it.......that is unethical. I'm taking your link off my blog, and I'm not coming back. Lord

Kerry said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I agree, my style is my own, and I am glad it is becoming more and more recognizable as that.

granmdmacarnes... I am sorry you feel I was too harsh and that you don't want to return to my blog. I have been blogging here for nearly 3 years, and if you ever have the time, you should read some of my past posts. I am a very giving person when it comes to my designs and ideas, I am more then happy to answer questions and share techniques. I don't think you'll find that many other places. When you read more, you'll find that on more times then I can count, over artists have come here, taken ideas, then represented them as their own.

I want to stress something, (and I will post more about this tomorrow) I have no problem with people making something inspired by my work, or heck, exactly like my work, but it is the way they do it! Credit should be given where credit is due. I can't stand back and let other lampworkers copy my pieces/designs and pass them off as their own.

Thanks again for the comments.

ellen said...

No offense taken, Kerry. However, "filled a tissue with weird colored nose contents" made me gag!
Glad you're feeling better and your new stuff is rockin'!

Suus said...

I'm really sorry you feel hesitant to post your designs now.. Please keep on posting them! You really inspire me with all the colorfull things you make. It's all so happy!!

I'm also glad I contacted you about asking permission to make something inspired on the playground bracelet... All credit to you, for your design!

Good luck with the nose-gooiee.

Kerry said...

Oh don't worry SUUS, I'll keep posting!! And you should know, you did the best, most ethical thing and what I wish more people did. You are rolling in good bead karma. :)