Thursday, May 15, 2008

Parallel Crossings

I don't know if you all click on my profile here very often. But if you do, you'll notice that I have TWO blogs listed. There is this one and something called Parallel Crossings. Look closer and you'll see that there is a Team Member listed under Parallel Crossings too.

I am so excited about this new project.

Cassie D,, and I are teaming up for a new creative adventure. I was inspired by the blog Eight By Eight to create a spot where "Funk Fighting" was the main goal. I wanted a place to write about and seek out new inspiration with other people doing the same thing. At first, I thought I would make it a big team blog with anyone who wanted to post. Then, I was chatting with Cassie one day and thought... it should just be two people.

So, here is the plan... we have come up with 11 themes (December & January are one month)... each month we are sending each other a box of goodies based on our interpretation of the theme. And we intend on keeping the box contents a surprise (but of course it'll be blogged about by the recipient once it is received). So then... we are to take the contents of our goodie boxes and create something new by the end of the month. Sometimes we'll be sending beads... sometimes we might be sending fabric or ribbons... heck, we could send sticks from the back yard. We are leaving it totally open... but glass needs to be involved in some way.

The over all goal is to stay inspired in a fun, relaxed, and creative environment. I hope you'll pop over there, read our introductions, book mark it... and visit/comment often. And hey, if you like the theme for the month, try it yourself! The first theme is Children's Books. I have my favorite picked, Cassie has hers... do you know yours? Could you design something inspired by your favorite children's book?

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