Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pendant Pandemonium

My stars y'all are fast!! You were helping yourselves to Big Honker Hollows before I was even done listing them. LOL, Not that I mind, just be sure that you speed racers go back and check out the other cool new things I posted. There is a beautiful new Glass Cameo, Talk The Wonk and Walk The Wonk too. Don't forget... you don't have to wear the hollows as pendants, you could use them in your own jewelry designs.

I really loved making these hollows and it is definitely something I am going to do more often. Lauren had one of those "little windows" yesterday where the Mortin was working. She came out to the studio with me and we made all those hollows together. She would tell me what color I should do next. It was great! Turns out the little gal has strep throat. Antibiotics has been picked up and a nap has been had. They'll be no baseball for us tonight. Maybe we'll make more beads :)

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earlier today...

I had a really great hollow torch session yesterday and I have been able to string up some really cool new things this morning!! I will post them later this afternoon, so keep an eye out for them!!

I'll be back later with lots of photos and details. First though, Lauren is taking a trip to the pediatrician.

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