Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Beads

The new beads have been officially named "Moody" and they are up on Ebay now. Go and check them out!


Here they are the "New Beads".. they haven't been properly photographed yet and they don't officially have a name either but I just couldn't wait to show you them! I emailed a photo to my sister, hopefully she'll have a great name for them. They are so different, and really beautiful in person. It was so good getting to torch these last night. I was sooo missing making beads. Once they have been named they will go up on Ebay. So if you want them... watch for them!

I have come down with yet another cold... sniffle sniffle. Not a knock my on my backside one though. I haven't had one liek that in a while. This is just a annoyance one. So once I get the majority of my "work" done this morning... I am laying low for the afternoon. Since I have the sniffles I decided I am going to do another dragon set next. I did "Dragon Sneezes" and "Dragon Sniffles"... next "Dragon Wheezing". Poor old dragon, I hope he gets well soon!

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