Wednesday, February 28, 2007

After Image

Yoo HOO.... I am on a new beady roll!! Check out my latest set, "After Image", starting later tonight on EBAY.

So, you are probably wondering where I got the idea for these beads. I got a few new colors from ASK. One that, I thought, was a yummy light transparent peachy orange. It was in a pile next to some of my streaky coral colors. I pulled out some red and whaaa laaa... new color combo. One problem... that color I thought was "yummy light transparent peachy orange"... well, I found out in the flame it was actually a striking dark red!! Still turned out cool, just different then I expected. Talk about taking a total swing away from the colors I have been working in lately!! These are the polar opposite of my "Apparently" set. I like mixing it up!!

Now, the name, are you wondering where I got that name? Well, anyone take Color Theory in College? I DID!! And one of the visual effects we studied is "After Image". I googled it and got this defination for you: An afterimage is an optical illusion that occurs after looking away from a direct gaze at an image. One of the most common afterimages is the bright glow that seems to float before one's eyes after staring at a light bulb or a headlight for a few seconds. Okay so I took the liberty of changing afterimage to After Image. But the point is, these colors and mod dots remind me of the spots that the sun leaves in your eyes.

This set is HUGE! There are 19 beads and more then 10 inches of beads. Dang! I had fun making a bunch of wonkyish matching disks too. They are out of round (on purpose) to look like the spots on the dots. I liked making them so much that today I made a bunch for tomorrow's Bead Box update!!

YEAH!! You heard that right... BEAD BOX BEADS TOMORROW!! Yoo HOO!! You wanna see a peak at what'll be in the box? Huh huh? Do ya, do ya? Okay... stop twisting my arm, I'll show ya...

I have a bunch of stuff to do in the morning, so don't expect the beads until late afternoon. I have 7 sets, and 2 focals all ready to go :)

Don't forget!! There are TWO auctions ending tonight on EBAY. Use the link in the column to the right to go straight to my seller's page. Or, click these links here... "RUSTIC DOTISM" & "APPARENTLY"!!

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