Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, by now you have prolly seen that I was able to get the second auction listed last night... this is "Apparently". Can you see what I mean about needing a break from the other color combo for a bit? Just a day or two to refresh my inspritation. Then I'll be back to those blues, blacks and khakis for beads next week!! Until then, back to these cubes... I imagine these to be a very gossipy bunch of beads. So, watch out!! Don't you just love the word "apparently"? You know you are going to get a good bit of gossip when that word in thrown in... "Apparently the babysitter wasn't just watching the kids..." But, just like these beads, you can see right through those kinda conversations, lol. I hope you all love the beads and go BID BID BID!!

Things are quiet around here. A lot of stress is starting to lift and that is always a good feeling. Ron has been working really hard in this finaly week of his Simulation class. Three major things were do this week, 2 of which are being handed in today. He has been a zombie and in a totally different world for the past couple weeks working on these project, research paper, and tests. I'll be glad to have him back for a few weeks before the next class starts. The boys are up to their usual antics. They flow between boredum and wildness, and when they aren't one of those two things... they are zoned out on a video game. Jacob had a bit of a stomach bug last night. But that could have been from eating too much snow, who knows, lol. Lauren is still under the weather but isn't complaining about her throat, so hopefully it is just a cold. We are about to get hit with a burst of snow. It is supposed to start in just about an hour and with in a few hours after that we should have a fresh 6-8 inches of the fluffy stuff. I should run to Blockbuster and get some new movies to keep up occupied, lol.

I am scared to death of my jewelry studio at the moment. It seems to be in a transition period right now. It is in between a complete diaster and a bomb explosion. It is just a mess!! You might remember last year when I did a bit of rearranging. You can see the revamp HERE and HERE. Well, that area that my desk used to be is going to be a new spot for lighting and tables for my private classes. Right now there are boxes and tables that Ron never got around to going through, for months now (lazy bum). The other half, that is so clean and shiny in the other photos, has an explosion of laundry baskets, mail and packaging boxes, catalogs, camera equipment and there are literally loose beads EVERYWHERE!! You know a room is bad when you can't spend more then five minutes in it without twitching. So... I am thinking today is the day to give it a good cleaning. I mean really good!! I am thinking I might even touch up the paint on the trim down there. I bought some new shelving a few weeks ago too to organize all that packing stuff... it is still in the trunk of the car, lol... time to put it to work!! I'll snap a few photos along the way, if they aren't too mortifingly embarrassing, I might even post them tomorrow!!

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