Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rustic Dotism

A little "Mommy Time" can sure do a girl a world of good!! Check out what I was able to make during my kid-free time yesterday. This is "Rustic Dotism", and the auction will be starting at 9:00pm EST. I decided to mix things up a bit for this set, so I changed the colors of the base beads. Some are turquoise, some are ASK Silver Cinnamon, and some are black like the Mod Dot beads in my "Hip To Be Sqaure" tutorial. It is like getting 3 sets in one!! How cool is that? I also liked the reduction effect on the surface of the Silver Cinnamon (that's their name for the color not mine). It has a wood grain look to it that is awesome. Be sure and come back to check the autcion out tonight when it starts :)

I was sooo productive during my free time that I actually got TWO Ebay sets done!! Can you believe it? The second one is cooling in the kiln now and once I have a chance to clean them up (and maybe etch them) I'll post them too. I am not sure if they'll be up tonight or tomorrow, I'll keep ya posted. Here is a little hint about them... "Apparently" they have been mentioned before. And "Apparently" I needed a break from the colors I have been working in for the past week, cause they look nothing like these ones.

Thanks for the compliments on my cute new profile pic. LOL. I went back to being a dark-haired-diva the other night and had to take a pic to send to my sister. After some cropping and playing with the fresco filter in photoshop... ta da, you have a new pic. I got fed up with the 2 inches of root where the blond streaks were that I my sister put in my hair a few months ago. So, it was time for a change. Now my hair is back to chocolate brown with a hint a warm red. Gotta love bottles of hair dye!! They aren't premanent and they are cheap... you can change your look in 25 mins and for less then $10... why not?

I forgot to mention... Lauren returned from her overnighter with a terrible cold. She is running a fever and is complaining of a sore throat. I will probably be running her to the doctor's tomorrow for a throat culture. If I don't get a chance to list the second set of Ebay beads... that'll be why. For now, the Motrin is helping and she is chillin' watching Blues Clues. Let's hope it doesn't last long!

Oh... FREE BEADS!! This week's winner is Brenda T! YOO HOO BRENDA!! Keep the votes coming people, I really appreciate it!!

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Anonymous said...

How creative you were with your mommy time. Love the beads...any extra apparently beads to be in they buyables??? please.....