Saturday, February 03, 2007


EEEEEEKKKKK!!! These beads are SOOOOO AWESOME! I am sorry, I know I shouldn't be blowing my own horn that loudly, but I am really thrilled with this new set of beads!! This is my newest set "Irony" and starting at 9:15pm EST tonight, you can bid on them HERE.

So, before I can tell you the tale behind these beads, I have to tell you how my day started. It began with Jacob calling "Mooommmm, Dad?" at 5:30 this morning. We called back... "what honey", he replied "I think I am going to be sick"... I threw back the covers went to his room while saying "okay, come on, lets get to the bathroom"... to which he said "too late, blllllaaahhhh". Right over the edge of his top bunk bed down to the floor. LOL ( I apologize if this is too gross and graphic for all you childless readers out there... but for those of you that do have kids... you have probably had this same thing happen to you!) Great way to start the day huh? I got Jacob cleaned up, medicated and resting on the couch, then got his room cleaned up and coated in Lysol... then tried, in vain, to go back to bed.

After laying there for about 10 mins WIDE AWAKE, I decided to go make some beads. You know what the best thing about making beads at 6 am is? They are ready to come out of the kiln by 4pm :). I have had this set of beads rolling around in my head for a week or two now. I knew I wanted to do cubes with silver foil, and I knew ivory was the best way to show off the silver. Ivory and Silver are very reactive and I love working them together. I was thinking the combination would be very earthy and organic. How "ironic" that I would do a cubism set that is organic when right angles don't occure in nature. (name influence #1) hmmmm....

As I started to work them and then when they came out of the kiln, I found they weren't very organic at all. If fact, just the opposite. They have a very industrial and steel/iron look to them. (name influence #2) The silvered ivory encased in clear has an incredible amount of depth. The silvered black encased has a cosmic look to it. They are just so rich and they have so much dimention... I think it is pretty easy to tell why I love them so much. I hope you all will go bonkers bidding like with the last cubist set. ;)

As for my bug ridden son, he is doing fine. No fever, just one more bout with the vomitting which was induced by eating a whole bag of candy! Something Ron let him eat while I was working. (moron) Hopefully no one else gets hit by it... keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have a great start on the Bead Box Beads for this week!! I know you are gonna love 'em, so keep checking back to see what I am up to!

2 comments: said...

I love everything I can remember seeing of yours! I think we must have a genetic link somehow, as I love the colours you combine, & your playfulness in your work.
I'm also a WetCanvas member, so I see your work there as well. I just wanted to pass on the cudos, as I admire your energy to be able to be a Mom & an Artist producing work! (as well as a wife!)

kstyle said...

Thata's a cool slideshsow. Haven't seen that one yet. And goegous beads too. k