Thursday, February 01, 2007

Internal Debate

Check out my latest bracelet from my "Playground" series. This one is "Playing with Purple". Isn't it fun!?! I ordered up a bunch of new cording from Fran over at a couple weeks ago and this new shade matched my latest disc beads just perfectly! Rather then add a bunch of solid glass discs to bulk up the bracelet, this time I used a bunch of silver dipped Greek ceramic beads. Yummy. These have got to be my favorite colors!!

I see the fighting over my lastest set on Ebay has already begun. I am so happy to be making things you all like so much. Makes me very proud!! And it makes me nervous about what I can come up with next to meet expectations. Don't worry, I got lots o'ideas. Watch for another set this weekend... think cubes and think organics.

Today was a rather eventful one at my mailbox.

First... I got a post card from Step By Step Wire Magazine letting me know my complimetary issues would be arriving shortly as I am in the Spring 2007 issue!! That was rather exciting. Last I spoke to the editor of the magazine she wasn't sure which issue my "Sandy Lanterns" bangle would be in, now we know. I am still not sure of the "on the shelves" date, but I will let you know when I do.

Second... the other interesting piece of mail I received came from ArtJewelry Magazine. If you have been with me a while, you may remember that I submitted a project to them a month or so ago. The project was turned down, but I was asked if I would be interesting writing a techniques article showing a few "wire connections". I debated things in my head for a few days. I was on the fence because ArtJewelry is an awesome publication, it is jewelry at the next level... but should I be giving up a bunch of "secrets" in one article? I ended up deciding to decline the article. Today's mail included the contract for my article submission. So the debate is back on. Should I or shouldn't I?

I sent an email out to a lampworker/writer I know of to get her view. I think I am leaning towards writing it. One stress though is the deadline... I need it out to the magazine by February 27th. EEKK!! Can I write a 1000 work piece with 7-10 photos in three weeks... I think we are going to find out... who is this for a title "Not your everyday headpins"? ...hmmm... I think I need to pop open a word doc and start typing. I will keep you up on the article writing.

Did I ever tell you all that writing and English was my second choice in college? Senior year I wanted to either become an English Teacher or a Graphic Designer. I won a scholarship to have a full ride to a new Graphic Arts program at a local business institute... so the choice was really made for me. (I had a really crappy guidance councelor, he never even suggested any other scholarships!) But I have always loved writing and I think I have a unique writers voice. Not that you always hear it, lol... sometimes I get lazy with my blog writing, sorry! I really like this side of my "art" that I have been able to get into. Just a little intimidating trying to keep my ideas fresh. Plus, I have been told that I should be submitting my pieces to trade magazines... I should be submitting them to the editors at fashion mags to get them on the models in photo shoots... how awesome what that be?!?

Okay, the kids should be home in a bit... I am going to go play with some wire, gotta get tehse wheels turning!

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