Monday, February 05, 2007

Snow Day / Cold Day

We awake to a temp of -2 degrees this morning and news that school was closed for the cold!! You can bet the boys were thrilled. Though I have to say I am bitterly bummed out!! I have a glass order arriving today with loads of new goodies to play with. If the gang is home, I won't have my play time :( Oh well, school doesn't get cancelled here very often so I shouldn't complain. Besides, with wind chills of -20 to -30, I can't say I really want to be out in the studio making beads anyway, lol. Even with my space heaters, I don't think I could be kept warm enough. We will have to see what they do with school tomorrow... when today's wind dies down, we are still going to have frigid temps (just not below zero ones) and they are saying will get around a foot of snow!!

Do you love the new Bead Box Beads or what?!? Today's photo is a little sneak peak at what will be posted later this week. I was hoping to post beads Wednesday, but this day with the kids home is putting a wrench in my plans. So, I am guessing Friday if there is school tomorrow for the kids, if no school... I'll have to let you know. It may still be Friday. I may lock myself in the subzero garage just to escape the chaos that is 3 kids cooped up in the house during a blizzard. Goodness, they can get wild!!

I have gotten great feedback so far on the tutorial I posted yesterday. I hope you all try it and send me pics of what you make. I added a link to that post in the sidebar to the right here on my blog so you can find it again easy. I might, (that is a maybe) try to do a few sets of solid sprees for the Bead Box so you'll have some beads to make this design. If you have been with a me a while, we may remember groupings of solid sprees in the Bead Box before, but I just haven't been in the mood for them lately... we'll see. Solids are easy enough to do so you may see a few.

Lauren just dumped a whole glass of orange juice on the living room floor, ugh... anyone know what spring will be here so these kids can get the boot back outside?

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