Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy LOVE Day!

Sorry, I know this isn't be most lovey-dovey picture, lol. Maybe I should have led with a photo of the more than a foot of snow we have!! Alas, it is just a white out outside so photos were just a big white blur. So, you'll have to settle this little guy. This is that new color combination I have been playing with. Bright bluey turquoise, hints of transparent honey and subtle khaki Moroccan Swirl but ASK, it's all POPPING off a jet black background. These are the colors I am planning on using for the beads in my ArtJewelry article. I would really love your feedback on it. Let me know if I am an ostrich with my head in the sand when it comes to fashionable color combos. I am just a Mom in my winter hermit-ness completely oblivious to what is up in the world of fashion and trends.

Back to the theme of the day... love. Did your honey send you flowers today? Did he woo you with breakfast in bed, chocolates, and love letters? No? Don't worry you aren't alone, mine didn't either, lol. I really wasn't surprised when I was watching the Today Show this morning when they were talking about the high percentages of men who DON'T send flowers or get overly romantic on Valentine's Day. Ron, in the 13 years we have been together, has never once sent me flowers, ever, and I am not kidding. But I really have gotten used to it. And further more, I am thinking I am becoming one of those people that thinks love needs to be celebrated with actions everyday, not just Feb 14th. (Oh who am I kidding, I would really love flowers!) I do want to tell you though, I am very lucky in love. Ron is a wonderful husband and an even better father. He is caring and smart, funny and supportive. I really couldn't ask for more. He doesn't think to buy gifts or send flowers, but he does other things that shows me he loves me. He cooks (outta this world meals) even when he is tired from work and just wants to play video games with friends (yeah, a big kid sometimes). He supports me in my art and passions (not so much in the beginning but once he realized how happy it made me, he caught on). He listens to me when I need to talk, he snuggles me when I am sad, he argues with me when I am being stupid, he pushed me to be the intelligent person I know I can be and most importantly, he loves me just the way I am. Sappy, I know... but hey, it's Valentine's Day, right?

Even though we are house bound with snow falling harder and faster then it has in over 3 years (according to the weatherman), I am going to work my tail off to make an extra special dinner for Ron. (I wonder what balsamic vinegar is for?) Hey, I might even light candles and pretend the snow knocked the power out, lol. I also think I need to use this blog post as a Valentine to let him know I love him too.

Enough drippy lovey gunk... on to beady stuff... first... don't forget "The Painter's Drop Cloth" ends tonight!! Another auction going for a super price!! BID BID BID!! (Oh, and did you see? It was on the Ebay Pulse Page today:) Hmmm... I wonder if I should make extra beads like today's photo for an Ebay set... hmmmm

Second... This week's free beads winnner is MARY L!! YOO HOO MARY!! Thanks so much for your votes and support. I appreciate it so much :) I'll get picks of a new freebie set posted asap.

Finally... if you are into wire working and you wanna be a proof reader for me for my ArtJewelry article, send me an email. I want 2-3 wire workers to have a look at it and see what they think!!

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