Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh so close...

I am so close to being finished with the ArtJewelry Magazine article!! Yoo HOO!! I am so relieved. It is written, it is typed, it is photographed and now, it is being "tried out"/ proof read by Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio. Cindy knows wire working and is a wiz at finding my typos, lol. THANKS CINDY!! Check out all the photos in this post... you are getting a sneak peak at the projects that the article will feature. For starters, the top pic is "Coiled Connections: Hip To Be Square", with my oh-so-very-cool Mod Dot beads.

This second one is a "Fabulous Faux Ribbon" design. You may remember this style from my "Cosmic Dates" bracelet last summer. The beads in that bracelet were by "Seas of Glass". This time I used my own beads, of course. I went with a warm transparent honey colored glass rolled in raku. In person, you can see pops of blues, greens and browns in the raku... kinda like the Mod Dot beads!! See... it all works together :) You are gonna love how easy this project is, though I did give it an intermediate level rating. Those faux ribbons are three pieces of wire, not a hammered band. Very cool, very delicate, very feminine. Love it!

See how nicely they go together. I love these colors. And now that the article is all written, I can get back to making new Bead Box Beads!! You can bet there are gonna be beads in these colors, and hopefully and Ebay set or two in them too.

Here is the last piece... the "advanced" wire working project for the article. It's the design that prompted the article in the first place. Early in January, I submitted my "Frozen Branches" piece to ArtJewelry for inclusion as a project. The editor's felt it had too much bead work to feature it alone, but asked if I would write this article with several pieces in it's place. I kept the beads to a minimum this time around. There are no spacers or rounds floating in this one. I like it this way. The beads are the ones I shared the other day... boiled enamel beads. All made, again, with the same colors as the beads in the other pieces.

So, do you think I have a lot of diversity or what? Are you gonna want to try these projects when they are in the magazine? I don't know the issue it will be published in, but I will let you know as soon as I do. I would love to hear your feedback on the beads... the projects... the designs... everything!! Lemme have it!!


kstyle said...

Absolutely gorgeous work Kerry and I don't say that very often about lampwork.k

Kerry said...

Thanks K!! I love when you share lampwork on your blog, you find really great stuff. I am honored you like mine as well.