Monday, February 19, 2007

See The Snow

A bunch of you in the west and south have sent me emails saying you can't image what 3 feet of snow looks like. Ron was walking around the yard with the camera this weekend and took a couple great pics. I think this one showed the level of the snow the best. The other ones, it just looked like a lotta white. That "shelf" of snow is about thigh high. Ron took this after he had done the snow blowing. Today, there is a big drift behind my car where that snow is the highest. Fun huh?

Well, I sent off my finished article to ArtJewelry today. The editor said everything looked great. My images are clean and clear, my designs work too. Except one little thing... it seems that they have done projects similar to my "Hip To Be Square" links in the past. So, the editor has sent it over to Bead&Button magazine's editor. She'll be taking it to the submission review meeting and considering it for one of their issues. Nothing is for sure yet, but I am excited to think that it might be in B&B. I am going to continue to rack my brain to see if I can come up with another wire design in the next few weeks so that the article has three designs, but for now my brain is on overload. Plus, the editor asked for something less "beady". I don't know what to do with that!! LOL, I love beads!!

The kids are heading over to my parents' tomorrow so I can get in some quality time with my torch. If you are waiting for an order from me, it'll be done tomorrow!! I'll be back to share photos of any new goodies I come up with.

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Kathy said...

hi kerry,
i like the new profile pic in the about me section.
the new cartoon is neat too.