Sunday, February 25, 2007

Celebrate Your Butt

Yeah, you read that title right!! Celebrate Your Butt!! We are all friends here, right? We can be honest with each other, right? The most fabulous thing happened yesterday and I just have to share. If you have been with me for the past few months, you know that I have been working on losing weight and just trying to be healthier. Okay, so maybe you forgot, cause I mentioned it once more then a month ago and I haven't mentioned it since. But, anyway, if you notice... that "ticker" of the bottom of this blog has gone down almost 20 pounds!! As a result, I have five pairs of jeans that I can literally take off without unbuttoning them. It was starting to get embarrassing walking around with jeans sagging off my backside.

I took the opportunity yesterday to hit my favorite clothing store, OLD NAVY, with the sole purpose of getting one pair of jeans that fit to get me through to the summer. To the summer, when hopefully, I will have lost another 10 pounds and need to buy shorts in a smaller size. You all should have seen me in the store. I was having an internal panic attack. I was full of so much self doubt. I picked out a pair of jeans two sizes smaller then all my ones here at home. And then I wondered around the store, I didn't want to go into the dressing room. I didn't want to go in there and have them not fit. I get miserably disappointed when I shop and can't find things that fit. It puts my in an aweful mood and sours the whole day. Finally I went in and put them on... THEY WERE LOOSE!!! YOO HOO!! I was so excited, I sent my Mom (who was shopping with me) to get the next size down for me to try. Okay, so those were too small, but that is okay... these ones fit great with a new belt and in a few weeks... I'll be in those other ones. And by the way, those other ones, they are the same size I wore my senior year of High School! Go me, go me, go me. LOL. My sister says I am in total denial about my new size and she is probably right. I think I look the same.

So, why did I say "Celebrate Your Butt"? Well, once I got home from my shopping expedition yesterday, I was excited to show Ron my new jeans. I put them on and did a little runway walk for him, lol. He said turn around... then he whistled!! It prompted him to get up off the couch, take me by the hand to the kitchen and he opened up a bottle of wine. He said "we were gonna celebrate your butt" (aka hard work)... he is such a sweetie!! Then it got me to thinking today... I think we all should celebrate out butts no matter what they look like. You all that think you got big booties... YOO HOO! And be thankful cause all the gals out there with flat backsides are wishing they are you! And for all you with the flat butts, YOO HOO!! You get to eat way more ice cream then the rest of us and we are hugely wishing we had your tiny posteriors.

Oh, today's photo... I made myself a new felted purse... isn't it cool!! Gotta love the big black wood oval handles. They are almost as big as the bag.

Time to get myself some popcorn and plant my bottom on the couch for tonight's Oscars!


blest said...

Congrats on your butt!! I know how you feel! I'm down almost 60 since July - and am back in my high school size! It feels so great!!!

Keep up the great work!!

Chrissie said...

Wow! That's awesome Kerry! Congratulations!

Kerry said...

Thanks gals!!

I am starting to feel proud of myself. Just taking time to get used to it.

Blest... AWESOME AWESOME accomplishment. Good for you!!

Sarebear said...

Guess I've got a LOT of celebrating to do!!! Workin on shrinking it tho, on the stationary bike . . .