Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Warning In Effect

Hey Gang!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes you all have been sending today!! It is so great to know how much love there is out there. And I am honored that so many of you were thinking of me today.

These beautiful flowers brightened my day and were sent by my very sweet little sister, Bonnie. There were so many flowers in the bundle, it took two of my vases to get them all in water. :) I love getting flowers... it happens so rearly... it is such a treat!! Isn't this rose spectacular?

These cool toesy warmers were knitted by my good friend Lindsey. She gave them to me at lunch !! I couldn't get the camera to pick up the real color in them. It is all deep purple and dark greens. I love 'em and they feel so different., almost tickely. Very special. Aja Noodle Company was great too. Unfortunately they weren't serving Lindsey's favorite Key Lime Pie (the perfect way to cool your pallet after the spicy Chinese Black Bean Noodle Bowl). So we swung over to Panera Bread after lunch for hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. Yummy. After that we hit a great little yarn shop. I picked out some purpley/bluish/pinky yarn for a new felted bag, for myself. I can't wait to make some EDP disk beads to match it!!
So... big news... the weather man says we are getting a big huge storm tonight... 15-24 inches by the end of the day tomorrow. I am guessing we are all going to be home for a snow day... I'll let you know tomorrow AND I'll have bead pics for ya... see ya then!

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