Monday, February 26, 2007

I was HIGH

No people... I wasn't that kind of *high*. LOL. For months now, with in an hour of so of sitting at my torch, I get really severe shoulder pain. And it would be even worse when I would try to do really detailed stuff. I really couldn't stand making more then 3-4 "cube" beads at once, for example. My shoulder would scream in agony. I tried taking ibprofen before torching, doing stretches, taking breaks, all sorts of things... nothing really helped.

So, I was at Target the other day and I found this awesome retro style bar stool. It is that vintage sparkling glittery red color that you see classic cars painted. (very cool) It is expensive for just one bar stool but some how my Mom convinced me I should get it. I was sitting on it for the first time yesterday while makign beads. OMG!!! LOVE IT!!! I figured out why my shoulder always hurts... my regular bench was too high and I was hunching over to get close to the details I was making. Now, with this fantastic ADJUSTIBLE stool, I just lowered myself a few inches and NO PAIN!! I literally torched for 3 hours and didn't have a drop of pain. It was like I was out there for five minutes. Just goes to show how important an erganomical set up can be.

Now, speaking of being high.... LOL... I AM ON CLOUD NINE!! (Again, not from drugs... people would ya get a grip) Last week I submitted my "Playground" design to Step By Step Beads. I received a message today that they would love to have me write a tutorial not only for bracelet design but for my lampwork disks too. I am so so excited because I have never been asked to do a lampwork tutorial before. I am so honored. Once I finish writing the tutorial, depending on how big it is, we may turn it into a two part, two issue tutorial. I am just thrilled!! I have had several emails asking if I would write this tutorial. And every bracelet I have made in this style sells the day I list it, so I must be doing something right with the design. I am happy to share it!! I'll keep ya posted on when it'll be available.

Oh, you wanna know about the beads I made yesterday? How did they turn out? AWESOME, yeah that's right, they are turning out really really cool. I am thinking I will post Bead Box Beads Thursday or Friday. I was planning on making more this afternoon, but I had a bunch of errands and I had to get my art show applications put together. But now they are in the mail and my errands are done, so it is back to bead bead beading!! Stay tuned.

This week's FREE BEADS winner is Chrissie K!! YOO HOO CHRISSIE!! Andrew gets so excited when he gets to pick the name, lol. Keep the votes coming in so he can pick again next week. I really really appreciate your support.

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Ergonomics are soooooooo important! I have two Aeron chairs, one upstairs in my studio & one downstairs, where I am now doing my lampworking. Those puppies are not cheap, but trust me, your body is the only one you get, (at least in this life) so you need to take care of it! With three wonky discs in my neck & having had lower back surgery I've learned comfort is king for me. You've learned an important lesson & I applaud you for treating yourself!