Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Painter's Drop Cloth

I got loads of goodies to share tonight... so let's get started!! First, I am very proud to share with you "The Painter's Drop Cloth". They are my latest Ebay Auction and will begin at the usual time, 9:00pm EST. You may remember beads similar to these in a custom made bracelet for one of my book club gals, Tami. I have been wanting to revisit this color combo for a while but I was waiting for inspiration to strike on how to mix 'em and make them different. When I got my glass order in on Monday there were a dozen or so rods of a color called "Streaky Coral", it was just the thing to get my wheels turning on these beads!!

And boy oh boy did my wheels turn... I was imagining all sorts of things when I was making them. I kept thinking of very bold graphic painting of Western Deserts with their stark blue skys, and warm golden sands. I thought of the painter Georgia O'Keefe and her painting "In The Patio VIII" that I saw when I went to her exhibit at the local art gallery. While making the beads I convinced myself that my spots were drips of paint from the artist's brush and my dusty ivory background for the beads was the drop cloth under the canvas. Pretty imaginative huh? I hope you'll pop into the auction later when it starts and place a bid. They really are a breath of fresh air in these freezing winter months!!

Now, my next couple pics are of the beads that had me excited yesterday.

Watch the progression... the first bead (from left to right) I made my barrel too big and my ring wouldn't fit on so I had to add the other disc and pop it in the kiln. The second one, the barrel was definately smaller but not small enough, the disc got stuck on the end! Third time was the charm!! The disc in teh center there slides from side to side on the barrel. It worked so well, and I had one more disc, so I made another one. These are so fun to play with. I am not sure what you would used them for in a piece of jewelry, but give me time, something will pop into my head!!

I have a little side note anouncement to give you... I am postponing/cancelling my classes at Studio 34 for the next few months. Although my classes have been full and I am loving teaching, I need to work some things out with the studio owner before I start or continue teaching there. In the meantime, I am offering private or semi-private project or techniques classes in my home studio. If you are in the area (or want to plan a weekend trip to Rochester around a class) drop me a line, I can give you pricing details and we can set up convient dates. I already have a few lined up so let me know before I go on break to prepare for summer shows!!

In other news... I was totally unmotivated to make beads this afternoon when Lauren was at school. But that is okay. Lauren is going to have a tea party at my Mom's house tomorrow and I am going to have the whole day to bead!! It's going to take the torch, 3 layers of clothes, a blanket and two space heaters to keep me warm, lol... but I am beading, dang it. All for Friday's Bead Box Update!!

Two last things... "IMAGINARY MUMPS" is ending in just a couple hours and they are going for a super deal!! Go get a bid in on 'em!!

And lastly... YOO HOO!! This week's free beads winner is JULIE V! Thanks for all the votes everyone. Sorry I forgot to draw them name, lol... silly me. I'll get some new beads made tomorrow and post 'em Friday :)


Cindy said...

WOW!!!! Such amazing beads! The ring bead just boggles my mind...and Painter's Drop Cloth just really shows your talent with color! It was fun to read your thoughts/inspiration when you made this set. I also have to say the photos on your slideshow are awesome ~ way to show them off!


Chrissie said...

I agree with Cindy...WOW!!! The rattle beads are sooo cool and I love the colors too!