Friday, February 23, 2007

Trunk Show


I spent hours and hours cleaning the studio yesterday and when I got to my desk, I realized that I hadn't opened the drawers in my "organizer" in months. I did finally open them yesterday and found loads and loads of beads that were just collecting dust. You know, we always change, move, grow... what we like is seasonal or designical (is that a word?). Inevitably we have leftovers from our old ways. Gemstones and pearls are my "old ways". My style has changed so much in recent months that I don't know what I would do with all these. I am sure they would just continue collecting dust.
So, I waffled for a few hours yesterday... do I open an "online" bead store (a real life bead store is a dream of mine), do I put everything in one big lot on Ebay, should I use them as freebies... then it hit me... a TRUNK SHOW!! I bought about 90% of this stuff at the Rings N' Things trunk shows I have been to over the years. So, it just made since. I am going to do this for a limited time only. I don't want this stuff hanging around. Go get what you want now, before I decide to donate it all to something. I am not sure how limited it will be. I will prolly take it down Monday. One of the great things about this is that when you go to bead shows you have to buy big huge strands of stuff when you really only need a couple of those beads to do a project. With my stuff, I put everything in to manageable groupings. Which not only makes it just right for single projects, it makes it oh-so-very-much more affordable.

I dare you to click on this pics and see the larger size of them. I wasn't going to post these but I think I need to embarrass myself into not letting this happen again. Look at the MESS!! It isn't usually this messy, really, I swear. It was just that one project after another that should have been done outside was getting done in here. Ex: painting the trim for Lauren's room make over (which is why there is a paint tray on my desk). Ex #2, refinishing the top of the coffee table Ron wanted to sell (which meant moving that fax machine off the table on to the floor). Oh Ex#3, Ron bought new golf clubs, they got put here... and don't get me started on the laundry situation. I am just shaking me head in disgust at myself. I am totally ashamed, lol. I will keep it tidier this time. Well, at least until I am getting ready for my first Art Show of the summer ;)

This is my favorite new addition to the studio. I know have a packaging station. The shelving is taller then I expected. I thought I got the three shelf one, I was surprised to find that forth shelf in the box. But anyway, you can see all my shipping boxes folded and ready to go. Lots of brightly colored tissue paper, my scale and my favorite black pinstriped jewelry boxes. Now everything gets packed up and I print a quick shipping label off the computer there. Good to go! I have some things to bring in from storage in the garage to go on that bottom shelf. Show bags and stuff.

The kids are all back to good health. Lauren just has a little cold. Thanks for all the well wishes :) We are going to hit the Library this afternoon. Then I hope to get some beadmaking time in tonight. Gotta get all those Bead Box Beads ready!!

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