Friday, February 09, 2007

A Feeding Frenzy

Yoo HOO!! That had to have been the biggest Bead Box update I have ever put together!! All but one bead set has sold, but there are still plenty of fun focals left. I really think you all should give the focals a chance. They are really cool and you can make such fun things with them. Things got a bit heated in my email one I did the update. You all were snatching up beads before I even got to send out the email update. One set sold twice, so even couldn't update fast enough. But you gotta admit, the we cart is so much better then the old way of doing things.

Today has been kinda nutty. The kids are off from school for some silly staff training day. I have been doing my best to keep them entertained while trying to do website work at the same time. It has been pretty rough going to tell ya the truth. It is so hard in the winter when they are trapped in the house for days at a time because of the cold. They get on each other's nerves and know just what buttons to push to send each other into screaming rages. Which in turn drives me straight up the wall. I am hoping to escape the chaos later tonight and work on a new EBAY set I have stewing in my mind. I am thinking a completely transparent cube set... how's that sound to you all?

Oh, I should mention, its good you scooped up the Bead Box beads while you could. I probably won't have any new BBB until the first week of March. Why oh why won't you have any beads Kerry? Well, for one, the kids will be on "winter break" the whole third week of February... and second... I decided to do the ArtJewelry article!! I really want to go all out on the beads for these tutorials so I am going to use all my creative energy to get something special made. I'll share photos with your through out the process. And hopefully I can keep up with a few Ebay sets along the way.

I hear more fighting... off to quench the fires.

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