Sunday, February 11, 2007

La-TEA-Da Two

Did I tell y'all I was going to La-Tea_Da's today for an early birthday lunch? I am pretty sure I told you. :) What a fun way to spend the afternoon. As I sit here typing my belly is full with the best salad I have every had and the loveliest scone has landed in there like a rock with Devonshire Cream. The salad... I ordered the "Berry Grilled Chicken Salad" with rasberry poppyseed dressing. It was HUGE, covered in sliced grilled chicken, and big plump strawberries all over fluffy salad greens. Yummmmm...

My Mom was treating today and brought along my sister and very pregnant cousin Charity. Charity is now 6 months along the poor thing has had such a rough few months. She has been very sick and can barely keep anythign down. We are all taking bets on if it is a boy or a girl. She had her ultrasound a few weeks ago. The technician wrote the baby's sex on a card and put it in an envelope that they plan on opening on Valentine's Day. I'll let you know what it is late this week :)

Do you notice anythig shaky about my typing? Well, maybe you can't see it on your end but I can here... I am still shivering after a wild and wooly day yesterday!! For quite some time Jacob has been desparate to play football. He begs on an almost daily basis to get to play. He even gave up learning trumpet and the oppertunity to play baseball & soccer... all to get to play football. Yesterday was the big registration day where 80 plus kids were hoping for one of just 16 spots. We had to get in line more then 2 hours before registration started!! The sign ups, I thought, were at the local parks and recreations building. I thought the sign ups were inside at the parks and recs building... that is where I was wrong... the waiting line was OUTSIDE!! Silly me, stupid me, didn't have a hat, didn't have gloves, and wasn't wearign my extra warm jacket... it was about 15 degrees out with 30mph gusts. I froze my tail off. I did get to wait in my car for the first hour or so, thanks to an very smart parent that started an unofficial list of who arrived in what order. Then of course there had to be a parent that wanted to buck the system so we all had to stand out for 40mins in the aweful elements. All the wait was worth it cause Jacob made the team. He is so so excited. I am a little worried about the commitment. It is 4 nights a week for 2 months then it goes to 3 nights plus games on the weekends. I know I won't be the one there in the middle of summer when I am getting ready for an art show, I'll tell ya that right now!! I will be a cheerleading Momma though... J-A-C-O-B Goooooo Jacob!!

Time to bundle up and head out to the torch... I finally had an AH HA! moment on the beads for my tutorial projects. Gotta get movin...

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