Saturday, March 31, 2007


Can anyone tell me what a WIP is? No, it isn't a Weapon of Intolerable Pain... No, it isn't a Woman In Pink... Nope, it isn't a Weird Impulsive Practice... okay, you give up? It's the abreviation for Work In Progress. And I have a few to show you today.

This first WIP I mentioned a few days ago. I said there was a color combination that was screaming to be used and this was it. Coral Orange, Light Turquoise and Transparent Teal. I made these on larger mandrels so the holes would be big enough for two pieces of wire. I still need to make 5-6 more of the discs for that the necklace gets to 17 inches in length... but I thought you would like to see it "in progress". Pretty cool design huh? I plan on making one of these in all etched transparents with antiqued wire... you'll just have to wait for that one.

Next up is one I have hinted at before too. This one is taking longer to come together because I only have one really large hole mandrel to make these rings. I did order more but I have been waiting three weeks now for them to arrive, grrr... But I am keeping at it, eventually I'll have enough rings made to make this a full necklace length. It is totallly a WIP... and I keep reworking it. This initial version of it used pure silver 16 gauge double ended head pins. I love the look but it just wasn't practical. It kept wanting to twist and tangle, so here is what I did...

I mixed in some basic solid discs and created a new variation on the classic wire wrapped link style necklace. This one moves and plays so much better. The big rings slide through the loops of wire and can spin in their holes. I will still go back and play with the first design, I know it will work but it just needs some tweeking. For now, this one is going to stay this way... I love it. And aren't these colors just perfect for Spring/Summer.

For today, there are more party festivites going on for Lauren. My parents and sister will be coming by for a cook out and cake. FUN! I hope to get a little torch time in before they get here, but Ron snuck out golfing and I might be outta luck. We'll see.


Chewy said...


You were right...the teals and the orange are fantastic....and those extra large hole rings? Awesome!

Julie V

Lori said...

looks like lots of fun new projects