Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My day ~

For lack of anything better to blog about, I thought I would tell you a play by play of my day today.

It started around 7:30, I woke up late. I usually get up around 7:00 but today I was suggled in and out cold. I got up and woke up Andrew. Jacob was already awake in the living room watching Aurther on PBS. I made the boys their breakfast (Jacob had waffles and Andrew had oatmeal) and while I was waiting on the toaster & microwave, I loaded up the dishwasher. I then had to pack totebags with homework and snackes. And somewhere in there I located clean pants for both boys and managed to get her royal highness princess Lauren to wake up. Ron headed out the door around 8:00. Right when I was finally starting my coffee.

I sent the boys out the door about 8:15 and spent the following 15 minutes yelling out the front door for them to stop kicking each other and that it was Andrew's turn to go first on the bus. Jacob was insisting on kicking large rocks from our driveway into the middle of the road. Grrr... once the bus was gone, I got Lauren and myself dressed for the day. And I poured my cup of coffee, lol. It was suddenly 8:50 and I had to run Lauren up to preschool. But not before starting the kiln up so it would be toasty warm for when I got back.

It doesn't take long to drop Lauren off and I was back home by 9:10. I had left my cup of coffee on the kitchen counter while I was gone and amazingly enough, it was still hot when I got home. I grapped it and headed down to the studio computer to check emails. I answered one or two then went out to the torch. I made the beads you see here today and also some for an order. I torched diligently from 9:30 - 11:00. Then decided my pig sty of a bathroom needed to be cleaned, lol. I set the timer on the microwave for 15 minutes and scrubed. Why a timer? So I wouldn't leave late to pick up Lauren. I got her right on time at 11:30. She was reading a book with her teacher Miss Robin when I got there.

Once we got out to the car, Lauren began what has become her after school routine. She asked me to take her to get chicken nuggets at McDonalds. When I said no, she cried for a good 30 minutes. She was crying when we got home, so I tried my darnest to ignor her pledding for fast food. I brought her in, pulled off her sneakers and set her balling self on the couch. I popped in a Shirley Temple movie and started her lunch. I made her chicken nuggets and mac&cheese. While she finally calmed herself down and while I was waiting for boiling water, I swept the kitchen/dining room/living room floors. Then I remembered Lauren's speech therapist was coming so I cleaned up Lauren's room too. I collected all her laundry and made her bed too. Lunch was ready by 12:15. And it was yummy.

When lunch was done, I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Then checked emails again. While checking mail, the phone rang and I got a invite to lunch tomorrow with my good friend Lindsey. Susan (Lauren's therapist) arrived at 12:50 while I was chatting on the phone. I cut things short with Lindsey and talked to Susan a bit before she got started with Lauren. She brought me the book Baby Proof by Emily Griffin (the 3rd in a triliogy of book club books). While she and Lauren did their work, I called my Mom to see if she could wath Lauren for my lunch date. And then I worked on the invitation for the Holiday Open House I am doing with Susan. By 1:30, Susan and Lauren were done with the session. I should Susan the invite and I have to remember to email it out to the vendors tonight.

Lauren and I decided to have a tea party next. I made some coffee and I know it sounds terrible but Lauren loves coffee for tea parties. I let her have some in her tiny tea cups with a big splash of milk. After tea, I made a new Sandy Lanterns bangle. I had been forgetting for ages to make one for SbS Wire Mag. I had also been forgetting to edit my tutorial so I worked on that too. Lauren played Barbies while I worked at the kitchen table next to her. I was done with my bangle and tutorial by 2:30 so I rewound that Shirley Temple movie and turned it on again for me and Lauren. We had a quiet hour before the boys got home at 3:45. I snuck in a little reading during movie.

There was good news when the boys got home, no bus trouble today, yoo hoo. They have made Jacob and 2 other student bus monitors and it seems to be helping a lot. Andrew was very eager to tell me all about his field trip to Heritage Square ( a small historic area of our village). He got to go to jail, lol. And he wants us all to go together sometime soon. The boys had a snack and decided to watch Xmen 3. I had bought it for them yesterday and since it is a miserable rainy windy day her, I said they could watch it. I cleaned the studio, loaded the laundry and added a few more things to the dishwasher while it was quiet. The dishwasher had extra space after the lunch dishes so I loaded it up with the glass bells on the light over our kitchen table, they were really really dusty!!

By then it was about 5:30 and the kiln was done with this morning's beads. I took them off the mandrels and cleaned them. Then I started dinner. Ron had thawed some sausage so I decided we would have Hamburger Helper Tomato and Basil Penne with ground sausage. It didn't take long to get that bubbling away and then I took a few quick pics of those new beads. I sent some emails in there too.

I started to write this blog and the doorbell rang. A guy was here to pick up a table Ron had posted for sale over the weekend. I helped him get that loaded in the truck, then tried some more to get this blog written. Ron finally got home from work and school at 6:45. We had our surpisingly yummy dinner and now at 7:20, I am finishing this blog, Jacob is doing homework and Ron & Andrew are playing video games.

I think this is the longest blog I have ever written, lol. But anyway, that was my day. That is how most of them go. I juggle my art and my family all through out the day. Tonight we are going to watch the season primere of LOST and I will probably fold laundry while we watch it, lol. Then again I might get a glass of wine and fold laundry after lunch tomorrow. LOL!

Feel free to send me an email and let me know what you did today!


Jodie said...

That sounds a lot like my days except my children are all over the age of 16, so the arguements are over different things!!

I love the new beads, nice color combination! I made barrel beads yesterday too, something in the air, maybe??

Bosporus Glass said...

It was a great pleasure to read about your day. It was like I was watching you from my pc. I really enjoyed it, thanks. Since I don't have any children my days are so dull comparing to yours.
I love your new beads. They are amazing.

Lori said...

I like hearing about your days as well. Your new beads are interesting. I love how many new ideas you have. Can't wait to see the next ones