Monday, April 03, 2006

04/03 Free Beads

Today's free bead winner is Kathy H in South Dakota! Congrats Kathy! I put the next set of free beads up so go check 'em out! It looks like there are fewer names in the bowl then before huh? Well it's just the opposite! I have had so many the kind of name cards I was using were too big so I had to make them smaller to fit all the votes! Thank you thank you thank you for your support!

Well, what did you think of the Bead Box? There aren't as many sets as I would have hoped but we'll find the Bead Box groove.

I am running a little late today. I got the urge to cook a big spagetti dinner... pasta, sause, meatballs (for Andrew), chicken parm (for Ron) and I picked up a loaf of Italian bread at the store too. I made a great Lisa Nivin Kelly tornado bracelet this afternoon. I will show it tomorrow when I have a photo and I have a very funny (smelling) story to go with it!

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