Saturday, April 15, 2006

Early Saturday

I just couldn't wait to come and post this. This is "Industrial"! These were the stroke of inspiration I had at the torch this morning. I made tornado beads and abstract lampwork and silver beads. I use a Bali Sterling clasp and tada... a chunky funky industrial design!


Oh and Ron finally took a new photo of me so I can mail in my tutorial, at last! I am the most unphotogenic person, lol! But I think I look cute :)


I opened my eyes about 6:15 this morning and instantly wanted to go lite the torch, so, I DID! I made some coffee, started the kiln and was making beads by 6:45. The beads just flowed right out of me. They are "soaking" in the kiln right now. That is when the hold their temp for a while to let all those glassy molecules line up in a row and get nice and strong. I made lots of beads, some for me some for you. I am excited about all of them but especially the ones for me. I had a stroke of inspiration and I think the results are going to be amazing! I am going to keep it secret for now but as soon as the new piece is ready, of course, you'll be the first to know! Otherwise I got some "Citrus..." beads made for you all to have and some "Sandy Tiles", those are going to be another "wait and see" set. SO... I will be back first thing monday morning with a full bead box for you. I hope you will come by and check everything out.

Anyone have special plans for Easter tomorrow. We will be up early for 8:00 Mass and then it's egg and basket hunting. Followed by dinner with my parents and sister. It should be a really nice day. We are being a little nontraditional and cooking rotisserie chickens on the grill, with some twice baked potatoes, a roasted veggies. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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