Sunday, April 02, 2006

Get ready....

I just put the finishing touches on my "Bead Box" page! Right now I have 4 sets and 2 focal beads. I haven't uploaded the page to my website yet... I will be doing that first thing Monday morning. I noticed most of your voting emails come between 8:00 - 9:00 am so I will try to get it up before then. I did work on more beads today so once these beads go I will have more to replace them!

Here is how the Bead Box is going to work...

- When ever I have new beads in my bead box you'll see two green triangles pointing to "Bead Box Buyables" on my home page.
- Beads are sold on a first come first served basis. BUT... the paypal buttons don't automatically disappear when you buy the beads, I have to take them off. SO if two people buy the same beads the first one gets them. The second person has two choices... 1) I can send a full refund or 2) you can wait a few days and I will make them up as an order.
- I have never bought anything from myself with the paypal buttons so I don't know if it allows you to pay me by check. IF IT DOES NOT & YOU WANNA BUY THE BEADS WITH A CHECK... send me an email with the name of the set in the subject line! If you are the first one to email me they are yours, but if I don't not recieve paymetn within 7 days I will pu tthem back up for sale!
-Tomorrow the beads are going up first thing but to be fair to my west coast beaders sometimes they will start later in the day... SO WATCH FOR THOSE TRIANGLES!
-Finally... I added a "Mailing List" link to my home page as well. I am thinking of starting a weekly/monthly newsletter, if you wanna get it, get on the list. Just click the link and write "Subscribe" in the subject!

In other news... Lauren has yet another ear infection! I had to run her into the urgent care center earlier this evening then guilt trip the pharmasist at CVS to fill her presctription at 6:05 when they closed at 6:00. If we hadn't spent an hour and a half sitting in the waiting room at the urgent care center we would have made to CVS in time... but alas we had 7 people in front of us. They really should bump young children with fevers up in the waiting when there are healthy adults with hangnails in front of them.

The Loin King, I am sad to say, was actually kinda boring last night. My sister didn't realize how bad the tickets were she got us. We were in the very very last row of the theater in the highest balcony! We couldn't see a thing. We were actually higher then the lighting! We ended up leaving half way through the second act. I probably would have appreciated the slendor that is The Lion King had I been able to see it.

So anyway... watch for the Bead Box to open in the morning!

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Lori said...

I like the bead box!
I'm not sure if I can handle being tempted everyday. I just had to buy a bead today