Friday, April 14, 2006

Citrus Cocktails

Last night turned into an awesome torching session, YEAH! I got an awesome set of beads made that I intended to call "Citrus Cocktails". I have seen this color combo of red, coral and lime so many times but so many lampworks I don't know who to credit for inspiring me to use it but who ever it was THANK YOU! I love this combo. The red is rich, the coral is cool and the lime is luscious! I have been slowly realizing that I have my first show of the season coming up in just over a month and I HAVE ALMOST NO JEWELRY TO SELL! It struck me last night that I may have to start buying other peoples lampwork to make jewelry if I don't start getting going on making my own. So, I decided to buy "Citrus Cocktails" from myself. I haven't ever taken a set of my beads for myself. I always say "oh I can just make them again" and then never do. I was so suprized by just how much you can make with one set of beads, and this wasnt even a big set, it was only 15 beads.

From top to bottom you are lookin at "Citrus Cocktails", "Citrus Trips", and "Sitting Citrus Bangle". I made all these this morning and also had enough for a pendant and a few left over. I am thrilled... I may have to buy from myself again. LOL!

The Bead Box has been raided and pretty much emptied, I think there are only two sets left and one focal. I will work this weekend to get lots more goodies made for you. Maybe even something citrusy for you gals to go after. I have been for getting to tell you... I will be going out of town next week. I am flying (solo, no kids) to VA to visit a girlfriend. I will be leaving on Thursday and back on Sunday. I am so looking forward to it. I have been using the Jergens Natural Glow for Fair Skin Lotion all week so hopefully I won't look like a pasty white New Yorker when I get down there. It should be a blast. My girlfriend Kelley has said we are going to go to Busch Gardens, maybe Virginia Beach, having a little jewelry party... I will be trying to convince her to check out some bead stores too while I am there. I can't wait! I will be sure to take photos for you :) I hope you will keep voting even when I am gone. It will be so much fun seeing dozens of emails in my inbox to add to the vote bowl!

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