Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break Start

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday. We had a lazy quiet day that was really wonderful! The boys were up and about hunting for their baskets at 6:30am. I kept hearing giggling and whispers of "look, there's one". Jacob's basket was inside the dryer, Andrew's was inside the oven, and Lauren's was on top of the sock basket behind my bedroom door. Alll age appropriate places. Andrew was the last to find his and boy was he mad about it. The thing is the stove has a window on it so you could see the basket right in there. He must have walked by it a hundred times. After that we went to Mass and just hung out the rest of the day. My parents and sister came by around 3pm and we enjoyed dinner on the grill. Jacob kinda went a little moody by the end of the day. I swear he acts like a brooding teenager sometimes. So my Mom scooped him away to her house for an overnighter. I had hoped to make a couple more BeadBox sets for you last night but Desparate Housewives sucked me in.

Speaking of beads... the Bead Box has 3 fresh sets for you. Not as many as I would have liked but enough to keep you busy. I also lowered the price on the last two left from 2 weeks ago. And if they don't get scooped up I will just end up makeing something out of them. The "Call Me Classic" ones are really cool. You'll notice "Sandy Tiles" has a slightly higher cost per bead price. That is because of the cost of the raku frit. These are just like my "Sandy Lanterns" but in the fab new nugget shape. These drape so nicely. It is a small set of 4 but just the right amount for a very very pretty bracelet. I can see them with clusters of pearls or in an EniOken style wire wrapped bangle. Beautiful!

I will be torching as much as I can this week before I leave for VA. So that I can have lots of beads ready for the bead box again on Monday when I get back. But the kids are home all week with no school so it might be hit or miss. I am not sure what the new free beads will be today. Hmmm.... I will have to see what I can come up with. Maybe you all need a knob to fight over?

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